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Thread: "United We Stand"--Thoughts

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    I just made a comment about the choreography in another thread before I saw this.

    Last night was something else.
    The little hopping steps they were doing just didn't fit with the song and looked so awkward.

    But back to the stupid moves that I don't get. What was the point of having Chantel switch places in the middle of the song? It looked stupid! She looked out of place, and it took away from the "grooves" the boys were doing.
    Ugh, that looked dreadful.
    The did the same on the AI2 finale with Kim C and Kim L swapping places at the end.
    I don;t know if they had just lined up in the wrong position after their jorney into the audience, but if they had, so what?
    It detracted from the dance to have them bustle into place.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    I agree with a lot of that, but I have never taken dance and I can’t dance at all… Nor can I sing, but I do know what I like and I would have to say, that the show was lacing last night and I don’t like the songs that have been picked. I would like to see better songs…. I don’t want to see kids in a school play…I would like to see the kids express there individuality also.

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    Some of the steps just annoy me. If you watch Lucy doing "against the wall" step...ouch. Compare her to Taylor or Jordan...major ouch!

    I think the problem (for me at least) is their dances are made up of a bunch of made up steps. That's not what dancing is about.

    and Lauren Klena KILLED me with her constant skipping, so you know how I feel about that!! Skipping is for pre-schoolers!!!!!

    Another thing, the steps are too hard for them to have to carry a mic and sing with. You can tell the background vocals are prerecorded; they never have the mic close enough to sing into!

    I just don't understand some things. The "fall" step at the end, where they sorta threw their hands down before forming the wall (the wall, which would've looked better as the fall)...I just don't get it!

    I also finally paused the tape to find the choreographers names. Mandy Moore (i assume not THE mandy moore) and Carrie Ann Inaba. I notice on her website, it says she's danced for most of her life--but it never said she's worked with children before.

    I figured as much.
    Congratulations Tori and Taylor!

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    All My Luv 2 AJ
    I dont know if it was the song or the kids. It did look like a hard song to dance too because a few times some people were off. Overall I think they did a good job though.

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    Aj & clay baby

    United we stand!!

    They did good!!

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    One of the biggest choreography problems is that they change positions in the weirdest ways. I think that its supposed to look professional, but it looks horrible. They also either give too much time or not enough time, the kids either run to their spots, or skip, then stand in the same position for a few counts.

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    Maybe the song "United We Stand" was a message about these voting results, saying, "Cheer up, America! We've made other blunders, but we'll pull through!" I still wasn't reassured.

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    Happy Days
    I like how the entire thing was so obviously lip synched

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    Song was a good choice, IMO. Jordan and Tori looked WAY too made-up. They had adult-like make-up practically CAKED onto their faces. Everyone else looked nice.

    As for the dancing, the routines are a bit "cheesy" IMO, but it was good. I noticed that Lucy and Chantel are STILL horrible dancers. Tori almost tripped at the beginning. I was laughing my head off. Katelyn and DAnielle actually danced pretty good. Lucy seemed mad for some reason, and the boys were energetic as usual.


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    I also posted about the (poor) lip-synching in the 7/16 thread yesterday. My only experience in dance is six years of show choir, and I could choreograph circles around whoever came up with these routines! Jordan, and ESPECIALLY Taylor, are definitely natural dancers. On the other hand, some of the other kids definitely are NOT. I saw Chantel and Lucy both looking at the other kids to see what they were supposed to be doing - a HUGE perfomance choir no-no!!! The saddest part of it all is that the kids are supposed to be forming a group, and that there are very few of them who seem to perform well in that setting.

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