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Thread: Who fits best with Taylor and Tori?

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    Who fits best with Taylor and Tori?

    Hey since the first two members of the group are Tori and Taylor, who does everyone think would fit in best with them two? I think soundwise Jordan and Danielle would for the girls. I don't know about the guys though.
    PS~ Good Job Tori!

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    I hope Danielle, Chantel, and Jordan are the other three in the group.

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    I hope Lucy, Chantel, and A.J. make it

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    Jordan, Danielle and Katelyne

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    Quote Originally Posted by xoxkels06xox
    Hey since the first two members of the group are Tori and Taylor, who does everyone think would fit in best with them two? I think soundwise Jordan and Danielle would for the girls. I don't know about the guys though.
    I definitely agree with you on Jordan and Danielle. Danielle has a beautiful voice! Jordan has a strong voice and alot of energy so I think she would be a good fit too.

    I think when picking members, you should also take into consideration who will be buying the CD. This group isn't going to be competing on the charts with Avril, Christina and the American Idols. This group will be catering to the "tweens". The Lizzie McGuire set. Chantel and Lucy are too mature for this group. My niece was watching week before last and asked why there was a lady on a kids' show when she saw Chantel. Both Lucy & Chantel have the potential to be solo artists with a bit more training. Neither have a good stage presence yet IMO. They are both too stiff. I don't think either of them have much dance training. That may not seem important but when you have been dancing in recitals since you were 3, you develop at least a small stage presence because you have grown comfortable on a stage. Maybe I am wrong about Lucy & Chantel but like I said, they seem stiff and they kind of get lost in the dance numbers.

    Katelyn could be the 5th member of the group. Her voice is still young enough to blend with the other girls but her looks are boarding on being too mature as well. I hate to rehash what the judges say every week but I think a career in acting or as a model might suit her better.

    The boys...

    I realize there are quite a few Chauncey fans here but I am NOT one of them! I was surprised he made the final 10 and completely floored (and still in a state of disbelief) that he received the most votes that week! He had a good performance last week but overall I think he has the weakest voice of any of the contestants! In fact, I really don't like his voice at all! It has a very strange sound to it that hurts my ears! I'm tempted to mute the TV when he sings! Sorry! He looks like he really strains to get the notes out too, which cannot be good for his voice in the long run. He has NO stage presence whatsoever! He stands in one place and moves his hand/arm every once in awhile. He acts as if he moved even the slightest bit while singing, that he is afraid he will lose his place in the song. However considering the way he has performed in the dance numbers, maybe it is best he does just stand still. Did anyone else see him run into Chantel and Lucy during the group number the week Taylor was voted in?

    Morgan... I like Morgan! You can really tell he LOVES to perform! He has a good voice and I think he would make a good addition to the group but I am afraid he might over power everyone else. I think Morgan will be a great performer in a few years... after he learns to control his energy.

    That leaves me with A.J. I think A.J. should be the boy voted in. He has definite heart throb potential which I think every group needs. He has a good, strong voice and he seems to be able to dance and sing at the same time without getting winded like Morgan did the first week. The only problem I see with A.J. making the group is age and maturity level. I honestly don't see this group making more than one CD but if they do, there might be a problem with A.J.'s voice cracking by the 2nd CD.

    These are just my opinions and they probably have way too much thought put into them but I don't know anyone else watching the show so I don't have anyone to talk to about it!

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    Chauncey, Danielle, and Jordan

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    Happy Days
    Danielle......danielle......da nielle.......

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    i think chauncy because hes my 3rd favorite and the thompson sisters are my top two so i guess im just sayin that cuase of favorites

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    Chantel, A.J, Katelyn. I think those three will go on but they all are so good it is hard to tell but I knew the two sisters would be the first two in. I also think they will be able to compete with Christina, Britaney, and the American Idols on the charts.

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    Chauncy, Jordan, and Danielle are the only other three that could get away with singing about cheeseburgers, balloons and teddy bears...and they are even too old for that nonsense.

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