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Thread: Who fits best with Taylor and Tori?

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    I like Tori and Taylor, sometimes they sound like chipmunks... but they are very good.
    I would like to see Lucy, Chantel, and AJ in the group, but it's very hard to decide.
    Chantel- Has a great voice.
    Lucy-Sometimes her singing sounds weird, but I really like her.
    AJ-Is calm and has a nice voice, i don't know if he would work with the rest of the girls though.
    Katelyn- She is kind of boring.
    Chauncy-I have always thought he was just okay. A little boring also, but he did very good on "Hey There Lonely Girl."
    Danielle-Me, personally thinks that Danielle has the best female voice. I think she is so good! That's why I might rather see her in then Lucy. It seems that no one is real big for Danielle, but I feel bad for her because she is very good.
    Morgan-Morgan has a great voice, sometimes he uses it funny though. I don't really know, but he sounded really good in "Love Grows (Where my Rosemary Goes)" Sometimes he's a little too energetic, but sometimes that good too.
    Jordan- She's really good. I don't have much else to say about her.
    They are all really good. Would they make the whole band girls though?

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    Jordan, Katelyn, Morgan & sisters best fit

    the mold of the S Club 8, the juniors from the UK. Check out their videos, and you'll see why:
    (When you go there, click on Media, and check out the "One Step Closer" Video, the rumored first single the American Juniors will come out with)

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    I agree.

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