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Thread: Clay as "God" in the aftermath of AI2

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    MattyBravo said:

    Clay's single is better than Ruben's. Why is Clay's the only single that is platinum? Well, it's not because of the singing.
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    Sorry but I have to disagree, TITN isn't that great of a song but Clay sings it very, very well. BRILLIANT!!

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    There have been many different topics covered here. I wrote a long detailed post that got eaten somehow by the cyberspace monster, so I'll just touch on a couple of points.

    Clay's music:

    This Is The Night is not an amazing song by itself. It's very emotional, but doesn't have much depth. I still like it because IMO Clay's voice makes it beautiful to listen to. I'm not a huge fan of Invisible, even though I like Clay's voice. It just doesn't move me and the lyrics kind of creep me out. However, I know that Clay is capable of doing great music. He conveyed beautiful emtional depth and subtlety with songs like Solitaire. I was really blown away by some of his performances on AI. Right now, he's probably experimenting, trying new things, and that's why he's doing Invisible which is different from his previous style. I expect that there will be some songs on his album which showcase Clay's talent the way Solitaire and Unchained Melody did, and while I'm waiting to hear them, I'm willing too listen to a few less mindblowing songs.
    And regarding all broadway comments... if anybody thinks that Clay's good enough for broadway, then he's definitely good enough to be a recording artist. It's really underestimating the masses to think that they're only capable of admiring less talented singers who'd never make it on broadway. Clay doesn't have the typical style of a pop star, but he still has a large fan base who's willing to buy his music, so he really is a star the worl of popular music. ie, a pop star.

    Putting Clay on a pedestal:

    There are many people who really look at him as a saint or a perfect angel. They want him to be a paragon of virtue. But there are also many who don't. I definitely don't think he's perfect nor do I need him to be perfect. I'm sure doesn't do every single thing exactly as (I think) it should be done, but he does care about doing the right thing. And that inspires me to be a better person. Because of him I try to be more kind, selfless and nonjudgemental. I'm not going to to hate him if he makes (what I would consider) a mistake. It's not my place to judge his personal life. I try to take only what's positive from him. I guess there are some fans who would get mad if he did something that they don't approve of, but I think the majority of them would remain.

    Overhyping Clay:

    As Clay's hype dies down, his fan base probably won't die down. Right now everybody's excited because they found this new source of interest which is surprising to all of us. The fans will eventually get used to him, and stop gushing quite so much, but they won't get bored of him. One of the things people admire about Clay is his versatility. The death of the boyband craze wasn't just because of over exposure, but because they stopped producing original music. Clay is capable of different styles, so I'm sure he'll be able to continue to be original.

    This ended up being a long post after all. I only meant to make a quick comment on each topic, but I guess I got carried away.

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    i agree crysma..the fans will always be there, even when the "honeymoon" ends....they might not post everyday, and call radio stations to get him played, but they will always be there buying Cd's and gushing inside..thats why i think clay has lasting power
    Clay Aiken "when everyones working on it change isnt impossible, its inevetible"

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    And whenever there's a new appearance on the television...

    I'll be there.

    And whenever there's a new article in a newspaper or magazine...

    I'll be there.

    And whenever new music comes out..


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    Wishin I was 24
    Quote Originally Posted by ldmarie
    And lets not forget going to Hooter's for dinner that night in MN. I so wanted to mention at the time that I'd rather go to Hooters than to that Dick's restaurant in SC that Clay was photographed in wearing a condom hat no less - but I guess I just wasn't as brave as you, wishin, at the time.

    oh Ld, you mustn't have been paying attention...

    Clay was forced to go to Hooters because thats where Ruben wanted to go....and Rube is bigger, ya know.

    and the condom hat....well, he was forced to wear that too. His friends made him do that.. .oh, and the little comment on the hat...."even my hand rejects me"...well to me, it's painfully obvious that Clay didn't understand what they meant by that or he never would have worn it.

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    or you know...the waiters could of just put the hats on them without Clay even knowing what was written on it.

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    A little off-topic, but what does "Even my hand rejects me" imply? I've never been able to figure it out!
    I assume it doesn't simply mean that his hand thinks he's a horrible person and wants to get away from him?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silvy
    or you know...the waiters could of just put the hats on them without Clay even knowing what was written on it.

    ...............you're so cute Silvy ! Yup, that must have been it.

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    Excellent post, Crysma. I wasn't going to respond (because I'm already late on shopping for a b-day present for a friend), but you'd obviously put thought into your post and I enjoy reading articulate answers.

    I agree w/ you about TITN, although I think "Invisible" was good, marketing-wise, because it displayed (as you'd mentioned) his versatibility. I *really* do not like BOTW, however.

    One of the things which acted as a catalyst for my starting this thread was the unequivocal praise that many Clayfans heaped on his music. People were comparing him to established musical greats left and right, and gushing over his songs like they were the acme of genius. I really liked Clay during AI2, partly because I admired the power of his voice, even if he does oversing, and partly because he's cute. However, I'm not blind to his faults as an artist, and after I ventured into the Clay threads and reading some of the...more extreme posts, it really turn me off pursuing my interest in Clay any further (I know it shouldn't, but it did.)

    As for him having a solid fanbase, Crysma, I'm not sure whether I agree w/ you. His meteorical rise to fame has many factors not directly related to his music, and I don't know if the loyalty of a few fans here (who have professed their undying devotion to Clay) translates into the loyalty of all fans.

    Anyway, that's my 0.02 cents.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barbaramarie
    ...............you're so cute Silvy ! Yup, that must have been it.
    Awwww...thanks, barb.

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