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Thread: Canadians are Weird

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    Canada Rules

    Canadians are Weird

    Call me shallow, but I thought there were certain prerequisites for being considered an "idol," especially a singing idol. First, I assumed you would need to be a good singer, second, I thought you should probably be remotely attractive. Too bad Jenny is neither, and only God knows how she got in. Overall, the performances were frightening, and while Tyler blew everyone away, he's a jerk in reality. I went to school with him.

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    I don't think looks should be a factor at all. Look at Rita McNeil - many would say she's unattractive, but she's done extremely well for herself. Even Bryan Adams has a pock-marked face and he's a superstar.

    I think Jenny is pretty in her own way, and while her style of music doesn't match what I usually enjoy, I can appreciate her talent.

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    Jenny not attractive? Huh? She's no fashion model but she's certainly not unattractive. I think even the most harden Jenny critics would at least agree to that.

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    I think jenny's as attractive as the average person. She doesn't have the style of cds I buy, but I think she'll be interesting to watch on the show.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Canada Rules
    Call me shallow...
    You said it. Your title is correct as well - I think Canadians just have a broader appreciation of differences and of who they idolize. Rita McNeil is truly admirable, look at Stompin' Tom (a Canadian icon). Look at BNL - not the most attractive groups of guys, but idolized for their style and humour.

    Jenny Gear has the most beautiful and (yes weird look to her eyes) but I'd pay money to listen to her. Look Ann Murray started out lookin' like a PE teacher! Now..wow for the fifties crowd. Ritchie has that quirky, shy smile that is just so likeable. Billy has a unique performing style (like the Amanda Marshall handshaking thing goin' on)...no cookie cutter, US magazine styling, yet.

    I guess Canadians are not as brash or terribly fanatical about any of their icons - other than the odd hockey idol. Only in Canada you say...pity.

    Here's another thing that Canada can get weird about...go Mikey - at the Open Championship.
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    I said it in the 7/14 re-cap thread.

    We ARE different. I'm so happy the general public proved that we are not all sheep who want the pre-moulded, boring type that AI has churned out.

    I am so proud of Canada today!

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    I always find the discussion on how the voting went to be very interesting. Those who are pleased with the results talk about how the public got it right and can appreciate substance over a flashy package while those who dislike the results talk about a minority of fans flooding the phonebanks with calls or voting by geography rather than talent.

    Which is better: to get 10 people who normally wouldn't call in be so moved by the performance to call in once or 1 person who really really wants someone to win to call in 10 times for one person.
    I'm not saying that either scenario happened last night but keep in mind that someone who gets the most votes doesn't mean they reached the most people.

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