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Thread: Tuesdays' Shows Should Be Eliminated?

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    i didnt agree w/ him i was just saying that i hope there is an american junioirs 2 so i can try out( i love the show and i dont think they should cancel the tuesday show)

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    The reason they probably don't have any twists (well at least some of the ones mentioned from posts up there) is because their KIDS! It would be way too cruel, and a lot of them could be traumatized for life!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeafChulo
    Hey, here's the idea of "twisted" twist for this show: What if they said they're putting the "top 5" to go on to be a band only to find out they're actually the "bottom 5" i.e. those who "didn't make it" are actually the five members band and those who "supposedly made it" are just the bottom five. So if that's true, Taylor is the worst of the worst. Isn't the twist you'll like to see? I know it sounded cruel... but hey, it's FOX... what do you expect from them? Anyway, AJ is entertaining to watch... I have no faves, but I like the concept of "letting us" putting together the five-members band (which I doubt we contribute anything...) Anyway, good luck to all AJs! Keep on entertainin' us!
    Ooohhhhh, that would be a devious, but great idea!! After they announce it, they put the camera on the parent's faces, all shocked and surprised and pissed off at the same time, it would be even better than the expressions on a Jerry Springer's guest's face after they've been told by their lovers that they've been cheated on. And the kids would be balling their eyes out, some of them would be like deer's caught in headlights, not believing what just happened. It would even shock Simon. It would be just sick sick sick, but imagine how happy the other five kids would be.

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    That's sooo FOX-style... no?
    Huh? Oh, you talkin' to me? Sorry, I didn't hear you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by matrix24
    Why not? It seems that a lot of you don't think that performance for a show is important but instead fan base. Therefore Tuesdays' shows should be eliminated and instead fans can vote for 5 hours. They can vote as many times as they want. Who cares? Fox can say that 10,000,000 people voted. Just have the results show on Wednesday offically declare the predictable new member of the band. A great performance for a Tuesday show doesn't mean a thing. So eliminate Tuesday's performances. American Junior is going downhill rapidly. Less and less people are watching, and as a result there probably won't be any more American Junior unless this whole process is reformed. Big mistakes: exposing over and over only certain contestants before competition begins, letting people cast multiple votes instead of one vote for each telephone line. My one vote doesn't mean a thing compared to your 500 votes. So why vote? Popularity IS more valued than performance. Better yet. Just have one more show and announce the predictable, not necessarily the best talented - American Junior band. I don't blame you for the demise of this show. I blame Fox. What do you think Fox can do to make this show more exciting? I want to see an American Junior 2.
    I think Tuesday's show should still be there! Because they divide the time and the way they do the whole process good and it doesnt just get all over with in one night!! A lot of people enjoy watching it and like the suspense waiting for them on Wednesday (the results)

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    Aj & clay baby
    I agree with trunks!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by claytina9098
    Do you mean sense??

    I think it does make sense and really there are always going to be problems with the voting system so its really pointless to rant over it because it really needs to be fixed and no one can help that people vote for their favorites and not who deserves it.
    Yes I did. Too early for me to be typing...

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    Aj & clay baby
    I love watching them perform!!

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    I don't think that Matrix24 really meant to eliminate Tuesday shows but he or she really was saying that whats the point of having the kids perform when people don't even vote based on performances and also that the voting system is pretty awful.

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    We need T's show to decide who should get voted in...we can't always depend on one performance...so we should watch lots of performances to see who does well...

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