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Thread: Who do you think would make a good model?

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    Hey Hey
    I could see Katelyn doing clothes or cosmetic ads. But I don't think she'd be a runway model, since she's not tall enough and is knock-kneed.

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    Aj & clay baby
    AJ and canyon would be good for pacsun!!

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    All My Luv 2 AJ
    It think any of them will be great models but it doesnt seem like many of them want to. When the judges told Danielle that she would be great on broadway she didnt seem to happy or when Katelyn gets told every week that she can act or model or whatever she doesnt seem to happy because they arent in the competition for that. They want to make it in the group and sing. SING THATS IT! not act not model. We can talk about who can model and who would be good but I dont think they are interested

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    Aj & clay baby


    But they are performers not models!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by knowintalent
    I'd have to go with just Katelyn for a girl
    AJ for a guy!!
    I agree

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    They could be all models if they wanted cuz theyre all pretty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CanyonsSis
    When I think model, I don't think Tara Banks or Jiselle. This question is asking who looks very natural and beautiful at the same time, like Danielle and Chantel, not Lucy or Katelyn.
    I think Katelyn would make a great model!! She has the perfect smile and she has the body of one!! She looks good in all types of clothes.

    She has a good voice too but I think of her as a model!!

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    Definitely Katelyn. She's really pretty! All the kids are cute, but I think she's the one who'd actually be able to succeed in it. And she might also be tall enough, she's taller than Chantel, who's 5'2", and she'll probably grow a little more. It's just the eyebrows...if she got them lightened, she'd be even prettier.

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    This is the dumbest thread ever. If this was a competition for child models it would make sense but it's not so this thread is just dumb....that is all

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    Happy Days
    are you guys joking?! Deborah Gibson!!! but then again Tori would look good in Phat Farm

    danielle....Danielle....DANIEL LE!!!

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