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Thread: Who do you think would make a good model?

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    Katelyn!! She's got the face and the body, plus she seems comfortable in front of a camera.

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    Katelyn. She would be a great model.

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    I think they all COULD be models, but I think it's evident that most of them would rather sing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bailey
    I think she doesn't want to be a model, because on this show saying, "You should be a model" seems like the nice way of saying, "You are pretty, but you can't sing." Katelyn, I think, is smart enough to figure out that some of the positive comments aren't really positive.
    Yeah, she's not really one of my favorites, but I think she has a better voice than the judges give her credit for.

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    I Don't Think So, Katelyn's Amazing!!! But I Think They all could be Models, Tori, Taylor, Katelyn, Chantel, Lucy, Jordan, Danielle, I think would all look good in commercials

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    I'd have to go with just Katelyn for a girl
    AJ for a guy!!

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    katelyn would be by far the best . maybe this show will open opportunities for all of the kids; in music or somewhere else. i happen to know katelyn and know that she hasn't been dealt a song to go with her voice. she can be powerful like lucy and chantel. she's obviously one of my favorites

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    Aj & clay baby
    AJ and Canyon would both make good models!!

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    I think Taylor and Tori could model Guess for kids, Gap or Benneton..maybe do runway shows for kids.

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    I think they all could be models, it's just a matter of WHAT they're modeling...

    Katelyn/Canyon- Abercrombie & Fitch
    Tori/Taylor- GAP Kids
    Lucy- Express/The Limited
    Jordan/Mercedes- Limited Too
    A.J./Chantel- Guess
    Brennan/Tyler/Chauncey- Tommy Hilfiger
    Danielle- Can't think of a specific store, but something youthful and cute. She could definitly model.

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