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Thread: What is your favorite thing about your least favorite finalist? Vice versa..?

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    What is your favorite thing about your least favorite finalist? Vice versa..?

    Try and name one thing that you like about your least favorite finalist. Then come up with one thing you don't like about your favorite.

    Least favorite - Jordan
    I think she's pretty and seems comfortable onstage

    Favorite - Morgan
    The falsetto notes he did in "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" at his first audition

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    Least Favorite-Lucy
    She uh...can sing pretty well.

    Favorite- Jordan
    Um, too hyper?

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    Least Favorite- Tori
    Shes cute

    Favorite- Lucy
    theres noting wrong with her

    chantel- doesnt pick the best songs

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    Favorite: Danielle- lacks energy
    Least Favorite: Katelyn- umm...i like her clothes

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    Favorite: Danielle - she needs a change of style w/ her songs

    Least Favorite: Lucy - once she gets her braces off she's gonna be even more gorgeous than she already is...

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    There are an awful lot of threads with this similar topic, I don't have a fave.. In my own humble opinion, I think they are all equal. They all have some talent, and some have more than others. I mean this in the nicest, and most respectful way, its nothing spectacular, they're not a Whitney or Celine in my opinion. I wish them all luck, and success, but you know, this is just something small, and I don't know what is really going to come of it, they've put in some kids who didn't deserve it, and there were some who were more deserving than others, such as Kristinia Debarge and Alex Catalani.. That's all for now.
    ~*Tennessee Sweetheart*~

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    I don't really have a fave and least fave so I'll just go with the finalists and say something nice about all of them

    Chantel~She has a wonderful voice and seems very sweet

    Lucy~Has an amazing voice and pretty hair

    AJ~He is a cutie and has a smooth voice

    Taylor~She's a cutie and fun to watch

    Tori~She's also a cutie and fun to watch

    Danielle~Has a beautiful voice and is humble

    Katelyn~Has a clear voice and is pretty

    Morgan~Has a lot of energy and a great voice

    Chauncey~He is such a cutie and has a charming personality

    Jordan~She's a cutie and fun to watch and has a unique voice

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    Least Favorite: JORDAN definitely!- she has a lot of energy and likes to work the crowd

    Favorite: Lucy- the way she said "through" on her song "Make it Easy on Yourself" IT WAS A GREAT PERFORMANCE!!

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    What do you mean? How did she say through?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CanyonsSis
    What do you mean? How did she say through?

    If u have KaZaA, download her song.

    it does sound good the way she sings it.

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