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Thread: Clay Aiken, Part VIII

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    But there is no prove that AI was rigged.
    Do sales figures not count as "proof" that the voting was inaccurate, if not outright rigged?

    Thanks for the news about TRL tomorrow--I hope we get to see the finished product, but isn't four days a short time for editing to be done? OTOH it sounds like the video has a simple premise and doesn't feature many people besides Clay so maybe the editing didn't take so long. (I've heard that five days is pretty standard)

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    Clay said in an interview that some lady sends him flowers to every concert. I wonder if that was our very own poster.....was it sillygirl? I wonder if she is still doing that like she did for AI on Tuesday nights.
    "Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle."

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    Letting go

    These letters were filed just after the anomoly. I am appaled by the tone of the letters highlighted - but they are the ones that were selected to display.

    From the response here I think most of us want to let go - but a thorough investigation could not hurt anything (just ask Richard Nixon-oops). If 19E and Fox have nothing to hide - no harm or foul?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pinkieparrot
    They said on TRL today that tomorrow they are going behind the scenes of Kelly's and Clays new videos... not sure if they are actually going to show the finished product but check it out anyways!!!
    Thanks for the info, pinkie!

    I cannot wait for Clay's video. I have a feelin' it's gunna be good. REAL good. Heck, all he has to do in his video is stand still for 3 and a half minutes straight....and I would still LOVE it.

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    You people remind me of the fable of the dog who doesn't want to share his bone with anybody else and one day he sees his reflection in the lake and starts barking at it and he loses the bone. Clay's single is outselling Ruben's. Does it still matter if he is the American Idol winner?

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    Ok,well I'm really bad at giving recaps,so if anyone wants to do it instead... Thanks.
    It wasn't that long,but it was good. They showed a part of him shooting the video for TITN

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    What Shazzer said! (Post #21)

    ruben of 205, I can't speak for others, but I've always said the outcome was "rigged" [deliberately not fixing the phone system to be able to handle the anticipated calls] to ensure a virtual TIE. Fox and 19E, I think, wanted their 2 stars to continue the "competition" after the show, to boost CD and concert ticket sales.

    Seems to have worked, too.

    But as Niph said, any Ruben bashing by Clay fans is counterproductive, but the media will tend to focus on whatever sells, and nastiness gets more attention than civility does. (Remember Star Jones picking out the most vitriolic, racist pro-Clay/anti-Ruben letters to read on The View? She acknowledged that they were a small minority of the letters she got, but THOSE WERE THE ONES SHE GAVE AIR TIME TO!)

    Yeah, we need to move on, and I think most Clay fans have. Let's hope the media will, too.

    And, Fin, I'm with you. I'd much rather Clay never have a #1 hit again and still be making CDs and videos and doing concerts 20 years (or longer) from now than have him be a "shooting star" that streaks across the entertainment stratosphere in a blaze of light and then vanishes.
    Dogs have owners. Cats have staff. ;-D

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    I don't know if this has been said already or we can't talk about the panties issue but I just thought of something.

    If I go to the concert it would be the first concert for me and I would go with one of my parents or my grand dad. This is supposed to be a somewhat kid friendly thing or family friendly or whatever. If I go and crazed girlies start throwing panties on the stage when Clay is on my parents will never let me do anything that has to do with Clay ever again.

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    Wishin I was 24
    Quote Originally Posted by ruben_of_205
    ahhh.. not to spoil your guys' fun. But there is no prove that AI was rigged. To say that AI 2 was rigged so that Ruben won is unfair statement towards Ruben.
    Whoa, big boy, settle down......who said the contest was rigged? If you're talking about my post, I was just saying that it doesn't matter which way the voting went....that AI ultimately, contractually, had the right to choose it's own winner, so what would be the point of doing a recount on the voting...
    I was responding to a post that suggested we write letters to offset the letters sent in by some abusive Claymates requesting a recount of the votes. .
    I didn't mean to imply that Ruben should not have won. If thats how you took it, then I apologise. And ya know what....frankly, at this point...I don't care who won. They both are talented singers. There is room at the top for both of them. AI is over, and I wish certain Claymates would get that, and I wish the freakin' media would get that....and stop rehashing old bs.

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    I don't care who won. They both are talented singers. There is room at the top for both of them. AI is over, and I wish certain Claymates would get that, and I wish the freakin' media would get that....and stop rehashing old bs.

    my buttons are not working either, so i say ya that

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