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I'm sort of surprised she got a few record deal offers, or w/e. She was good, nothing great to me. She definitely needs some vocal training, though. Her problems are: control of voice, minor pitch problems, and she tends to over-sing a bit sometimes. JMO But I DO know music.
Hmmm...I just thought that was a rather negative critique so somebody should defend the poor girl...

Yes, I did see that she had minor pitch problems and that she held a vocal run one note too long...but I thought that the positives far outweighted the negatives.

There were 2 things I liked about Grace:
1) She sang with so much sincerity and passion- I think Justin Guarini said it best when he told her "you really made me feel the words of the song." I thought that was very rare for an 11 year old.

2) She had a very distinct voice- Unlike most of the others on the show, I actually had a sense of what Grace's voice would sound like when she gets older. Alot of these kids have very thin voices...and her voice really stood out...it was so thick, yet clear at the same time.

I think what did her in was the song choice. She chose a very boring song, especially compared to GREAT song choices by the other kids: 3 Disney favorites, 2 Motown classics, and 1 doo-wop classic.

I also think that Group One was stronger than Group Two and that she easily could have beat Jordan McCoy out if she was in Group Two.

Group One was just incredible, looking back...and it was so hard to choose just five because seven of them were deserving. Also, there were 3 really great song choices (Reflection, Colors of the Wind, A Whole New World) that make me wish that they wouldn't even have a theme and let the kids sing any song they want (i.e. not just songs from 1970).

I ended up voting for Danielle, Kristinia (I have rarely seen so much personality in a performance from a singer of any age), and Grace in Group One because those those were the 3 performances that gave the most feeling...and I still wish that I could have heard more from Grace because her voice is very interesting and I really wanted to see what she could have done with a better song choice.