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Thread: Overall Top 5 Final Finalists

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    Overall Top 5 Final Finalists

    Who do you think are going to be the top 5 for the whole CI?

    My picks are: Toya, Nicole, Audrey, Jermain, and Billy.

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    I can't choose five people since I haven't heard them very well yet. But I'm predicting Billy and Audrey to be in the top five for sure. I think Mikey could also be in the top five, if he improves and shows us more variety. Jenny could also be in the top five or even in the top three if she changes her body language while singing.

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    Nicole and Sharon definitely. Audrey maybe. Mikey probably because of his fan base. The 5th spot is up for grabs. I'll guess Billy.

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    A week ago today I'd have bet money that Kelly-Ann Evans would be in the Top 5 based on her performances in the early rounds. Then on Monday night she did not perform well at all. Its not even a given she will make the wild card (I'm hoping Andrew Leader gets that spot).

    So anything can happen tomorrow night and next week. After then I think we'll all be in a better position to guess who might make the final 5.

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