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Thread: Messages to the Juniors

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    CUT THAT MEAT! Thunderstruck's Avatar
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    Jun 2003
    The state between PA, NY, and DE.
    Your off the hizzle. No, I'm kidding, I speak normal.
    Aaaanyway, keep at it, pursue your dreams, and keep working on your voice! *End cliche stuff*

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    To Katelyn:

    You're beautiful. I love your sweet and pure voice. Keep chasing your dreams and never give up. Best of luck in the future.

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    To Lucy: We all know that you are the best junior!! I actually hope you don't make it just so you can be a great solo artist!!!


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    Your amazing, you so deserve to make the band, and in the future be a solo artist but for right now you have to start somewhere..your awesome! you have my vote

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    Aj & clay baby
    To AJ:I love you sooo much and you are a great singerand you have the whole package and I would do anything to meet you and I really like you and want to be with you okay ummmm....Buh Byes!!

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    Tori and Taylor~ You girls rock! I love you both!!! I look forward to watching you guys the most!

    Jordan~ You are just like me it scares me ( except I don't sing but I perform). Your such a great performer and I love all your moves.

    AJ~ I swear if you were only a few years older I would sooo want to be your girl! But oh well I can still be your girl! haha. I love ya soo much! Your a hottie all the way!

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    o and my name is alyssa

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    Aj & clay baby
    Oh ya my name is Amanda and I am a huge fan!!

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    ~I Luv Canyon~
    to canyon: I really wish you would have made it..i loved you soooo much.I think you will go very far

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    Canyon, i wish you made the band. You are too cute

    AJ; love your voice....I really hope you make it. I'm voting for you.

    morgan; you have lots of talent. you'll make it big someday

    katelyn: you are absolutely beautiful. great voice

    Lucy: beautiful voice. I'm sure you'll make it in the band

    Chantel: Girl you da bomb!

    Danielle: you rock girl

    Grace and Kristinia: I'm sad that you didn't make it to the Top 10. You'll always be my American juniors

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