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Thread: How successful will this group be?

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    i was going to buy the cd, but now that certain semi-finalists have been voted off, i'm not sure anymore...

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    I agree with everything zippy said about S Club 8.

    Looking at what the American Juniors group is probably going to be, I can say that it will not be as talented as S club 8 is. They are all good dancers and singers...not something I can say about the kids in American Juniors. And yes, they have the S Club name to fall back on and to gain fans.

    Maybe American Juniors will add a few members after they've made the group of 5...I think s club 8 did that, too.

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    I'll but it if Katelyn and Danielle make it.... but I'm sure it won't do good. Example: J2K


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    canyon is a qt
    i'll buy the cd, but i don't think the group is going to be around for a long time.

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