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Thread: My goodness this show is bad!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by psycguy
    I agree with you Leviathan, I think this is a really bad show that fails in its intention to highlight Canadian talent. I have not been paying enough attention to notice any technical difficulties but it does feel more like a parody of a talent show or an SNL skit as you said.

    The thing that strikes me is that there is quite a large gap between the talent you see on AI and what is shown on CI. I know it is early but thus far there is nobody there that strikes me as being a superstar let alone a commercially viable artist.

    Just my two cents...
    To be fair, very few saw Ruben or Clay as Superstars from this stage. Then look what happened.

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    I for one have been impressed by the amount of talent on the show. Sure last night wasn't the greatest, but last week was incredible and I'm really looking forward to hearing the next group.

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    I tend to agree.

    I find the talent on this show very good so far. The bad ones are really bad, so it may be setting the bar too low or something, but the Canadians that are good so far impress me moreso than those on AI2.


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    Perhaps I am basing too much on last night's show, and I do think this will give good exposure to some people, and maybe time will prove me wrong but... I don't think a superstar will be launched from this show. I think in part because this show does seem to be of a low quality and anyone who does launch a career off winning this contest will have to perform their butts off to overcome being a gimmick. By the way anybody buy a Sugar Jones CD from the 99 cent bin lately?

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    Guess I'm in a minority on this one because I've been very impressed with the performances and with who's going to top 10.
    The bad performances are just as bad as the awful AI performances were.
    Also, the judges rock!!!!

    As for Ben.....he sucks....but I'd rather watch him then Dunkleman!!LOL

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