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Thread: Cumulative Power Rankings for the Top 9

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    I think we will be able to say the same thing about this group.
    You won't get any arguement from me

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    Matt and YeahYeah:

    That's cool what you are doing with the numbers...I think everyone should always factor in overall performances for consistency...but I also do think that the most recent performance should have more of a WEIGHTED importance...so maybe you could multiply the most recent performance by 1.5 or something...or at least use it as a tiebreaker...just a thought...because my first point was to factor in consistency...but my second point was that the most recent performance is the most important.

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    Name 1st week 2nd week overall

    Lucy 8 9 17
    Morgan 8 7 15
    Chantel 9 6.5 15.5
    Chauncey 5 8 13
    Jordan 6 7 13
    Katelyn 7 7 14
    AJ 7 6 13
    Danielle 8 8 16
    Tori 6 8 14

    Order Overall:
    #1 Lucy Hale- 17
    #2 Danielle White- 16
    #3 Chantel Kohl- 15.5
    #4 Morgan Burke- 15
    #5 Katelyn Tarver- 14
    #6 Tori Thompson- 14
    #7 AJ Melendez- 13
    #8 Chauncey Matthews- 13
    #9 Jordan McCoy- 13

    These are just my opinions, if u dont agree, let me know.

    My predictions for the band

    1. TAYLOR- duh
    2. Tori
    3. Chantel
    4. Lucy
    5. Danielle

    I think these people would sound the best together:

    1. Katelyn
    2. Chantel
    3. Danielle
    4. AJ
    5. Tori
    (but that can't happen)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shaenee
    Katelyn: I find her performances...ok. Her looks are a huge asset, but her height is a deficit. She just looks so out-of-place standing next to most of the juniors. Like she's their babysitter. She has a decent voice, but a bit lack-lustre. I'm not sure a "group" is right for her. I still think she will end up singing, acting, modelling...something.
    Since so many posts mention Katelyn's heights, I was curious to see just how tall she is. If Chantel is really 5-foot-2, as one of the newspapers said, then Katelyn, who was standing almost right next to her Tuesday, couldn't be any taller than 5-foot-4. (Also, Ryan Seacrest must be around 5-foot-7 or even an inch shorter).

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    RockyColorado, Chantel was wearing high heels, though..remember that whole funny, funny (not) thing with Ryan..."Have you grown this week?"

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