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Thread: predictions for group members

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    predictions for group members

    Based on the last episode, I think the top 3 for spot #2 are:
    1) Morgan 2) Danielle 3) Lucy

    In-the group potential for last 4 spots:

    1) Morgan...a star, got the voice, the moves, the personality.
    2) Danielle...average looks, but perfect voice
    3) A.J. Melendez...smooth, musical, charming
    3) Tori Thompson...cute, talented, like Shirley Temple
    5+6) Lucie or Chantel...can only see 1 of them, older leader
    7) Katelyn...only chance is pretty face
    8) Chauncy...no chance
    9) Jordan...no chance

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    This is who I wanted the group to be: Danielle, Lucy, Morgan, AJ, Katelyn. I think their voices would work the best with each other.
    This is who I think it's going to be: Taylor, Tori, Danielle, Morgan, AJ

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    Who I want: Morgan, Danielle, Lucy, Chantel, Katelyn

    Who I'm expecting: Tori, Taylor, Chantel, AJ, (either Chauncey or Jordan)

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    If it's an all girl group I want: Taylor, Tori, Danielle, Katelyn, and Jordan.

    If it's boys and girls I want: Taylor, Danielle, Morgan, Chauncey, either Tori or Katelyn.

    However, I think the final five will be: Taylor, Tori, A.J., Chantel, and Danielle.

    It's hard to guess though, considering the fact that each week when a junior gets voted into the group, all the people who voted for that person will find someone else to vote for. For instance, I think Taylor's would be votes went to Tori this week. Any thoughts?

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    I too think that most of Taylor's fans probably switched to Tori, though last time I voted for Taylor and this time I voted mostly for Morgan and Jordan.

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