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Thread: Future guest judges

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    Future guest judges

    Hello?!?! This is a kids show with kids on it!!! How about getting some guest judges that these kids actually know of?!?! I'll bet you not one of those kids had any idea who Lamont Dozier or Mary Wilson was. Nick Carter was a good idea. This show should have modern, younger stars as guest judges. Personally I want to see Clay Aiken on the show because I love him and he knows what this experience is like. Who do you want to see as a guest judge?

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    Definitely Clay...too bad he's on tour right now.

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    Clay would so awesome as a judge!! I'm going to the concert tomorrow :-D. They should NEVER let Ruben guest judge though.. the guy simply could not give comments to the kids. He can barely answer interview questions.

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    Yeah, he'd probably just be like "Cool man. Good."

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    All My Luv 2 AJ
    Clay would be great or Kelly Clarkson any of those type of people I think can relate to them. Even Britney Spears did star search when she was a child so she could even go and give good solid comments.

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    Actually, I think that Ruben would be good for it. He's not over the top, he's respectful, and he's alot better than Nick "I was in a boy band, look at me" Carter in singing. JMO, though.

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    Yes, but to me, you don't need to be a good singer yourself to know what talent is and how to judge people.

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