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Thread: Better Judges? AmerIdol or AmerJr

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    Better Judges? AmerIdol or AmerJr

    SIZE=2]Who are better judges?

    Randy, Paula, and Simon
    or Deberoah and Gladys?

    I believe Deborah and Gladys are better judges. Or maybe the two pair are equally the same. Sometimes Randy, Paula, and Simon do not give enough opinion. I think it was mostly short and sweet. They do not really give them advice and say something posative. But Kids need to always hear something posative more than older people.

    I think Simon's opinions are more valid than Paula and Randy even though he is too cruel sometimes.

    Was Gladys mrore nice when she was in American Idol because she was a guest judge? I have not watched it all.
    Gladys and Debbie, keep up the great judging!!

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    I'd have to say Paula, Gladys, and Debbie...I mean Deborah Gibson.

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    simon is by far the best judge followed by debbie

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    The best pair is definitely Deborah & Gladys-- Randy/Paula/Simon either give really non-constructive criticism or tell them dawg, dawg, dawg, your spirit is dancing. Blah blah. Debbie (and sometimes Gladys) manages to be positive while still saying what she thinks.

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    simon ,randy , and paula..they are more fun too and i love em more

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    On American Idol, all three judges play a part. Paula's the sweet motherly type who's going to be fairly nice no matter what. Simon's the harsh one that perpares the contestants for the media (although sometimes he does go a little over the top.) And Randy's the one who tells it like it is. His opinion is probably the most valid of the three.

    On American Juniors, Debbie and Gladys can't really say what they think (after all, they'r just kids!) so they have to "butter-up" their comments, so to speak. They do a good job of this, in my opinion.

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    Simon and Randy...they'll acutally tell the contestants if they have something to work on

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    I dont understand why theres a need for an 80's pop star has-been on each show.

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    I believe that Paula and Gladys are better because they give constructive criticism and both say the good and the bad. I think they are both honest. But I still think Paula is great! She needs to be kind especially when Simon could be a bit cruel!

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