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Thread: Who Chooses The Songs?

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    john davis
    Quote Originally Posted by Dani321
    I agree with slayereve. What does Morgan know about 1970's songs anyways? I'm sure he didn't like any of the songs--I know I didn't.

    Perhaps fox gives them advice on what to sing, but I don't believe they pick their songs for them. Case in point: AJ sang two Stevie songs back to back. Tori sang her favorite song in her audition and then again in the semi's. I highly doubt Fox would do both of those on purpose. Tori and Taylor both did Clearwater Revial songs. Would Fox really do that, and their mother allow it? I highly doubt it. But would two sisters want to sing a song by the same artist, to try to out-do one another, or, as Ryan said, to 'keep it in the family'--absolutely. I do believe Chantel picked that song, she didn't look like she hated it to me, until the judges began to critique. and as to why Jordan's instructor would say that? So when Jordan has a bad night, they'll blame it on Fox. Either that, or she's very misinformed, which I believe too.

    Until a contestant and their parents come out and say Fox picks their songs, I refuse to blame fox for their "bad nights"--which is what people want.
    The producers pick the songs for the kids for sure.

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    I just posted this in the "Chantel Kohl" thread...so I'm just copying and pasting it again here...

    Anyways, if the song selection process is anything like the one for AI, what happens is Fox will clear a list of 20 or so songs each week based on the theme (i.e. '70s, '80s, etc.)...then a vocal coach will play the songs for the kids...and allow them to choose their song...but nobody from the show is allowed to tell the kids which songs to choose...since these kids weren't around in '69 or '70, I'm sure the parents are playing a very big part in the song selection process...but there's no way Fox is choosing the songs for the kids...if that was the case, the judges could never say "this was not the right song for you"...I don't think Fox really cares what songs the kids song…if they make a bad song choice and fall flat on their face, that might make the show more interesting to them.

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