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Thread: Ratings of Finalists and Semifinalists

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    Ratings of Finalists and Semifinalists

    Taylor Thompson (8): Pretty good, a little inconsistent, much better than her sister in my opinion.
    Danielle White (9): My favorite, very talented, great voice, lacking personality and energy.
    AJ Melendez (9): Amazing voice, lady charmer, fair amount of energy.
    Lucy Hale (8): Great voice, kind of weird appearance wise, needs work on dancing.
    Chauncey Matthews (7): Good sometimes, not so good others, adorable.
    Jordan McCoy (6): Great energy, smile and personality, needs work on the singing.
    Tori Thompson (7): Too young, dancing is awkward, average vocals.
    Morgan Burke (9): Good voice and dancing, good energy.
    Chantel Kohl (8): Good singer, but nasaly, bad dresser, needs work on dancing.
    Katelyn Tarver (7): Great looks, average vocals, lacks personality and energy.

    Canyon Grove (8): Good looks and personality, pretty good voice.
    Mercedes Ruiz (6.5): Fair vocals, good dresser, good dancer, cute as a button!
    Kara Lieberman (1): Strange looking, atroscious singer.
    Kristinia DeBarge (7): Good singer, good sense of style.
    Julie Dubela (6): Average looks, average voice.
    Grace Leer (2): Okay looks, strange dancing, bad singing.
    Tyler Foehr (6): Average voice, great personality and energy.
    Quintin Caruthers (7): Good voice, just doesn't stand out.
    Lauren Klena (2): L-O-V-E was terrible, she's usually a little bit better, just not good enough.
    Brennan Hillard (5): Good looks, okay voice.

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    ~I Luv Canyon~
    i agree but i would have given canyon a 9,i really liked him

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    I agree with a lot of what you said, except:

    Lucy (7)
    Katelyn (8)
    Mercedes (4)
    Kristinia (5)
    Tyler (7)
    Quinton (4)

    LOL, I think I only changed your numbers by 1 for each of them, but I agree with most of your comments.

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    Didn't pay much attention to the semifinalists:

    Taylor (5) Okay voice, okay dancing. Just an average contestant, in my books.

    Danielle (7.5) Tremendous voice, but lacks anything special going for her.

    AJ (4) I was very impressed by his singing last week, but he was very bad last night (like a 2/10) & his cheap attempt to win votes with the girl-thing was just pathetic.

    Lucy (9) - Very unique and pretty look, outstanding voice, great unique way of speaking & yes, does need a little work on dancing (although, I think my hypothesis that dancing is easier to teach than singing seems to be true as no judge has really said she needed to work on dancing)

    Chauncey (7) - Seems too small to be taken seriously, but has shown to have a solid voice (he's 2 for 3)

    Jordan (5) - Talk about a copycat. Her singing is okay, but what annoys me about her is that she seems to just take ideas from others and try to benefit from it. Hasn't had a fantastic performance, yet, however.

    Tori (3) - Had some faith in her actually being decent when she first made the finals, but she's had two ridiculously poor weeks in a row and now seems to be relying on the "cute" factor for votes, instead of practicing like she should.

    Morgan (8) - Solid all-around performer, but I think he makes very SCARY facial expressions when he sings.

    Chantel (6) - Like Jordan, she "uses" the audience & other styles too much and isn't "herself" on stage. She has more natural talent than Jordan, however, which is why I ranked her higher.

    Katelyn (6) - Her voice & looks should not be wasted - but out of all the contestants, she's really shown no interest AT ALL in improving, and is just milking her looks for all they're worth. She has an incredibly fake smile (I'm sorry, when Debbie Gibson of all people tells you that you sucked, you don't smile like she called you God or something). They've told her time & time again to move more and show more expression, but she refuses. That's not someone I'd vote for - she seems like she'd be difficult to work with.

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    I don't think we can really give fair ratings to semi-finalist b/c they performed once. But I'll give ratings nonetheless for them based on the one performance:

    Canyon Grove (5)
    Mercedes Ruiz (4)
    Kara Lieberman (4)
    Kristinia DeBarge (8.5)
    Julie Dubela (7)
    Grace Leer (7)
    Tyler Foehr (4)
    Quintin Caruthers (4)
    Lauren Klena (4)
    Brennan Hillard (4)

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    Wow- my opinions are very very different than yours.

    Taylor Thompson (9): Very very good, great energy, has fun with what she's doing, GREAT dancer. First place in the group was well deserved.
    Danielle White (5): I don't dislike Danielle as much as I did, but she's still definitely not a favorite of mine. Crystal-clear voice, cute kid, kind of bland, not much of a dancer. Needs more energy. I like it that she's herself though. Pretty voice, but weak.
    AJ Melendez (7): Very very good performer, average singer, good energy, I don't really like the fact he's more into charming girls than getting better. Come on, he's twelve! But I think he might be good enough for the group.
    Lucy Hale (8): Very mature voice for a kid, has fun, great voice, needs work with dancing.
    Chauncey Matthews (8): Very good. Very consistent. All-around good, as he proved last night. Also the cutest little kid I've ever seen!
    Jordan McCoy (10): The more I listen to her songs the more I like it. While last night wasn't her best performance (bad song choice) she was my second favorite of the night. My favorite over-all. Wonderful voice, would blend well with the other kids and make a great addition to the group. Has tons of fun on stage, always smiles, great personality, adorable little kid.
    Tori Thompson (7): Adorable kid, awesome dancer, average singer. Always looks like she's enjoying herself.
    Morgan Burke (9.5): Amazing dancing, energy, voice, everything! This kid truly amazes me week after week.
    Chantel Kohl (7): Very good singer, but only on certain types of songs. Not consistent, weird dancing. Pretty, enjoys herself. And the girl can belt!
    Katelyn Tarver (2): No personality that we've seen...less than average vocals in my opinion. Strange dancer...okay on some songs.

    Canyon Grove (6): Adorable kid, really good dancer. Not great singing. Really cute hair though!
    Mercedes Ruiz (5.5): Okay vocals, adorable look, good dresser. Good dancing, her voice is very good but needs a lot of strengthening.
    Kara Lieberman (2.5): I never really understood her...less than average vocals imo, strange dancer and dresser.
    Kristinia DeBarge (9): Very very good singer. I never understood why she didn't make it through. Will make an amazing solo artist in a few years.
    Julie Dubela (10): Amazing voice, just amazing. Bad song choice. Good dancer, cute kid and wondeful personality.
    Grace Leer (9.5): Needs work on dancing, amazing singer. Tough song. Really wondeful vocals.
    Tyler Foehr (4): Wonderful personality, good style, okay dancing, great energy, needs a lot of work on vocals.
    Quintin Caruthers (3): Dancing wasn't really fitting for his age. Okay voice, needs some work. cute kid, though.
    Lauren Klena (3): I don't know, maybe it was just the song she chose, but L-O-V-E was pretty darn bad. Good dancer, though, and adorable kid.
    Brennan Hillard (4.5): Good voice, needs some work, weak voice but cutesy. Cute little kid, good dancer.

    Just my opinions.

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    Ahh...this looks like too much work.

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    all finalists are okay...nothing to write home about.

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    Taylor Thompson (8): Pretty good
    Danielle White (9): very talented
    AJ Melendez (8): good voice
    Lucy Hale (8): Great voice
    Chauncey Matthews (5): don't care for his voice, not bad though.
    Jordan McCoy (5): Great energy
    Tori Thompson (8): pretty good
    Morgan Burke (7): good energy.
    Chantel Kohl (7): nasaly-- bad dresser
    Katelyn Tarver (7): Great looks, average vocals

    Canyon Grove (5): fair vocals
    Mercedes Ruiz (5): fair vocals
    Kara Lieberman (3): okay vocals
    Kristinia DeBarge (9): very talented + good sense of style.
    Julie Dubela (6): average voice
    Grace Leer (3): strange voice
    Tyler Foehr (6): could have made it, average voice
    Quintin Caruthers (3): dont care for his voice
    Lauren Klena (2): not good
    Brennan Hillard (3): okay voice

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    Taylor Thompson (8): She is very good, cute too. Love how she does every movement right.
    Danielle White (6.5): She is talented, but shes just not my thing.
    AJ Melendez (9): Great voice, can dance well, too.
    Lucy Hale (5): I'm sorry, but I just don't like her.
    Chauncey Matthews (7.5): Just love him. Very nice voice.
    Jordan McCoy (9.5): Love the singing, looks, and attitude.
    Tori Thompson (7.5): See Taylor.
    Morgan Burke (7.5): Good voice. Lots 'O energy.
    Chantel Kohl (5): See Lucy. Should go Solo instead of this group thing.
    Katelyn Tarver (7): Sorta stiff to me. But has a great voice.

    Canyon Grove (9): Great looks (love the hair...) and I like his voice.
    Mercedes Ruiz (10): My favorite, so sue me. May not be the best overall, but I love the clothes and I really see nothing wrong with her voice. Maybe that's why I'm not a judge...
    Kara Lieberman (?): Never heard her.
    Kristinia DeBarge (?): See Kara
    Julie Dubela (5): She is average..
    Grace Leer (6): I liked her pretty much. Just wish I could see he sing and not just listen to it.
    Tyler Foehr (?): See Kara.
    Quintin Caruthers (7): I love him also. Great moves, gets audience involved.
    Lauren Klena (6.5): I also liked her alot. Sure, she may have been the weakest one in the group on solo, but in the group, she sounded alot better.
    Brennan Hillard (6): Pretty much what I said about Canyon.

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