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Thread: Ratings of Finalists and Semifinalists

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    i just found out that you can listen to everyone's mp3s at idoljr.org

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    CANYON~ 10. HOT, Pretty Good Singer, AMAZING HAIR, NICE EYES

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    Taylor (7.5)-Kiddy voice nothing spectacular moves pretty good a little stiff at times.
    Tori (7)-Not a great voice OK repeatively moves.
    Jordan(8)-OK voice very outgoing on stage.
    Katelyn (7.5)-Voice OK not very strong does not move very much.
    Danielle (8.5)-Very good voice but very stiff.
    Lucy (8.5)-Great voice but kind of ackward looking when she sings and dances.
    Chantel (8.5)-Great voice but looks ackward only when she dances.
    AJ (9)-He has a very good voice moves with the music and just stands out to me.
    Morgan (8.5)-Very confident on stage and has a good voice.
    Chauncey (7)-Has a weird voice in my opinion not good at all.

    Semi Finalist
    Canyon (6.5)-Very cute kid but no good voice.
    Kara-Don't remember
    Kristania(9)-She was great I don't know why she did not make it.
    Grace-Don't remember
    Tyler(7.5)-I thought he was cute very outgoing perhaps would have been better with a different song.
    Brennan(7)-His moves reminded me of Clay Aiken and we only need one Clay.
    Mercedes(7.5)-Really cute she might have been better with a different song.
    Quinton(6.5)-Did not like his voice and his movements did not go with the song.
    Lauren(6)-What can I say she just did not look right up on stage.
    Julie-Don't remember.

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    Morgan Burke - 8 - I think Morgan is a cutie, very talented dancer and singer, seems to be a very bubbly guy. I think he just needs to tone it down a little bit. Not sure he'll work in a group very well because he seems to like going solo.

    Chauncey Matthews ~ 6 ~ I think Chauncey is absolutly adorable, but until Tuesday night I would have scored him a 4. I bumped him up because he can sing, he just isn't very strong at it. I think that (hopefully) he is really going to try and step up "to the plate" and do performances like Tuesday. I also think he might just be a little to shy or quiet for AJ at this time.

    Chantel Kohl ~ 8 ~ I know she has the talent to perform, she just needs to be a little more consistent. And dress a little more her age or a least a little more fun style wise. I'm not sure how she dances because she doesn't move a whole lot, but she seems very nice and down to earth.

    Lucy Hale ~ 9 ~ I think Lucy is a beautiful, unique girl who has a lot of talent. She doesn't seem extremely outgoing, but she sure can sing. Dancing ability, I'm not sure. They really haven't focused too much on the dancing part as much as the singing, for obvious reasons.

    Danielle White ~ 9 ~ Danielle has an absolutely beautiful voice and humble personality. The only thing I can find to say about Danielle is to be a little more outgoing and find some songs to show off not only her voice, but her personality as well. Move around a bit more.

    AJ Melendez ~ 7 ~ AJ is a decent singer and a cutie, and a fab dancer. I think he is a little bit too into the "girl" factor than he needs to be.

    Tori Thompson ~ 6 ~ Tori is cute as heck, a decent dancer and a decent singer. She gave 1 blow away performance though and that's about it. She needs to wait a few years, I think, and let her voice mature because I know she has the talent.

    Jordan McCoy ~ 7 ~ I think Jordan has the talent for dancing and singing, she just needs to buckle down and focus on what she's doing because she seems a little aloof. She's a cutie though!

    Taylor Thompson ~ 7 ~ I think Taylor, like Jordan and Tori, has the talent for dancing and singing, she just needs more time to mature into a better performer all around. But I don't think America was too far off voting her into the group, she's talented and will do very well in a group.

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    Taylor Thompson (7.9
    Danielle White (8.6
    AJ Melendez (7.5
    Lucy Hale (8):
    Chauncey Matthews (5):
    Jordan McCoy (7.3):
    Tori Thompson (8):
    Morgan Burke (6.8): way to cocky
    Chantel Kohl (7.5
    Katelyn Tarver (7.5

    I have listined to all of their proformances over and over to see really how good they are.
    Canyon Grove (5):
    Mercedes Ruiz (6):
    Kara Lieberman (6.5
    Kristinia DeBarge (10 SHE WAS ROBBED!
    Julie Dubela (4:
    Grace Leer (4:
    Tyler Foehr (6):
    Quintin Caruthers (4:
    Lauren Klena (0: NO TALLENT
    Brandon Hillard (5):

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    I'm sure that Lauren Klena had talent if she made the top 20, it just didn't appear that she had that much during her song. She was actually ok during the group song that week.

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    Actually, if your gonna give lauren a 0, you need to give kara lieberman a 0 because she performed just as badly, if not worse than lauren.. sorry to all kara fans, but there was nothing in her performance that impressed me

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    Taylor Thompson (7)
    Danielle White (9)
    AJ Melendez (9)
    Lucy Hale (10):
    Chauncey Matthews (5):
    Jordan McCoy (7):
    Tori Thompson (8):
    Morgan Burke (9):
    Chantel Kohl (9
    Katelyn Tarver (7.5)

    Canyon Grove (6):
    Mercedes Ruiz (5):
    Kara Lieberman (5)
    Kristinia DeBarge (10)
    Julie Dubela (9):
    Grace Leer (10):
    Tyler Foehr (5):
    Quintin Caruthers (5):
    Lauren Klena (3)
    Brandon Hillard (6):

    I Love Lucy, Grace, Kristinia, Julie and Chantel. I think they should make a group with those 5 girls.

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    Katelyn- 9
    Danielle- 9
    Lucy- 9
    Taylor Thompson-6
    Tori Thompson- 7

    Quinton- 5
    Kara- 2
    Lauren- 2
    Mercedes- 5
    Brennan- 7
    Julie- 9
    Kristinia- 9
    Grace- 7
    Tyler- 6
    Canyon- 4

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    Plenty of people believe that the best voices are not being selected for the group and clearly the better voices come from the older girls and boys. But the group seems to be being set up for the younger contestants...perhaps one or two of the bigger kids will get through.

    All 20 finalists and semi finalists are talented and attractive. It would be interesting if America chose the first band, and Fox chose a 2nd band of who they thought was the most talented from those left. Some big voices that got left from the first ten were: Julie, Kristinia, and Grace. Some of the more talented kids that will probably get left out of the 2nd group are: Lucy, Morgan, and probably Kaytlyn. I personally don't think that AJ or Chantel fit in with a Taylor-Tori foundation, but they will probably get through based on their popularity.

    I would really like to hear a combination of the best possible voices. Ultimately America would too, and if this band is going to be at all credible that should be the top priority. Heck they can work on their stage presence which all of the top 20 have to a certain degree anyway, but put the five strongest singers with the strongest harmonizing skills together in a recording studio and they would be an impressive force to be reckoned with...they would be worth spending money on, not just a gimmick.

    It would be really interesting to then get to see the two bands...America's choice, and the Producer's choice duke it out in a battle of the bands competition.

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