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Thread: Kind of Weak???

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    Kind of Weak???

    Do any of you agree with me when I say that last nights 1970's themed show was kind of weak??? Even my favorites, Danielle, Lucy, and AJ, weren't as good as they normally are. Usually there are one or two performances that blow me away, but this week there weren't any. However I was impressed with Jordan, because she usually doesn't do that well.

    anyone agree???

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    Yea..I agree with you except I thought Chauncey did a million times better than usual, and Morgan was a lil better, and Danielle was as good as usual. Everybody else was weaker though, i agree.

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    i agree with you on the chauncey thing

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    ~I Luv Canyon~
    yeah i agree..i thought it was really weak, but jordan was the only one that i thought was good...... I voted for her 400 times so i hope she gets in the band tonight

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    I think Jordan always does well...

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    me too.
    Jordan has always been one of my favorites.
    And Chauncy was great last night!

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    Seems that voice doesn't matter in this contest.

    I thought Jordan's voice last week was extremely impressive, but her dancing did improve this week. Her voice sucked, however.

    Lucy (didn't change much from last week EXCEPT she proved how versatile she is and showed more of a range)
    Katelyn (voice was better this week than last)
    Chauncey (a million times better in every category)
    Danielle (same voice; better song; still needs to pick something better next week though)

    AJ (his voice was decent last week but was just shit last night)
    Tori (must be nervous cause of her sister getting in - that was the worst I've ever heard her)
    Chantel (better look & outfit than usual but her voice was off & she looked ridiculous trying to dance like the younger girls)

    No Change:
    Morgan (we get the same thing from him every week)
    Jordan (singing declined, dancing improved)

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    I enjoyed this theme much more than 1969. I thought that several performances were stand-out. Definitely Chauncey's. He REALLY impressed me. Danielle and Katelyn's performances both stand out to me as well. Lucy was great, but she always is, so it didn't stand out from the others much. Jordan had tons of energy last night... more than we've seen before.

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    I did think it was an awful theme, I said that before the show aired. Chantel and AJ's performances proved that to me. Chantel was on the verge of tears (Debbie, grr, Deborah wasn't about to tell her she was amazing, I hope she wasn't expecting that), and rightfully so. The perosn who allowed her to pick that song should be hit.
    Congratulations Tori and Taylor!

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    I'm telling you - it seemed that Tori, Chantel, and Jordan all wanted to be "Taylor Thompson" this week. It wasn't so out of character for Tori or Jordan - but for a mature-looking thirteen year old girl - uh, no, never do that again.

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