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Thread: AI Tour Recap, play by play w/songs

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    Thanks to everyone who posted such detailed comments about the concert. I CANNOT wait til July 16th. I'm so glad everyone did well. I cannot wait to hear Clay sing To Love Somebody again. It was one of my favorite AI performances.

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    I am now desperate to get tickets to the July 27th concert. Sounds like SUCH a good show!

    Clay shirts - were they good pictures, or were they pre-top 12 pictures on the shirts? Ah, it doesn't matter - $30 is WAY too much to spend on a t-shirt you can make yourself using some iron-on pictures.

    How many group songs were there?

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    Anyone wanna answer my ?????


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    ...I feel really bad for Josh. There was absolutely no mention of him at the show last night that kicked off the American Idol tour. No merchandise. No mention of him in the tour program. They even edited him out of the American Idol clips that they played during the show.
    What can I say? That just sucks!

    ...I'm glad you have the patience to attend a show where there's absolutely nothing worth seeing.
    Well, I doubt that Clay's fans and Ruben's would agree there! Or fans of K-Lo, Trenyce, etc.

    I'm glad you have the patience to sit and listen to Rickey take Josh's part in God Bless the USA (at least it was one of his friends from the show...).
    You mean Ruben isn't? (Ruben took over that part on the show after Josh left.) Or Clay? (Josh had very good things to say about his former roommate after he left AI.) Or Rickey or Charles? I thought everybody liked those two.
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    Alright....I know that you have all gotten a lot of summaries about the concerts. But, I just feel the need to tell you all about the wonderful time I had. Besides, I don't think anyone has commented on the Chicago concert yet, so I will be the first to do so. I will start off by talking about each of their individual performances...

    ~Charles - he sang an uptempo song that I didn't recognize. He sure is a cutie. He has a nice voice - it's nothing spectacular, but it's good. He really knows how to dance too.

    ~Julia - she sang "Beautiful" by C. Aguilera. I was really impressed with her. Now...I thought that she was awful on the show. But, when sang "Beautiful" last night...wow. Great voice.

    ~Rickey - "The Way U Make Me Feel" by M. Jackson. Now, I like Rickey. It's just that I am not a big fan of his voice. He has a lot of enthusiasm and knows how to work the crowd and the stage. His voice just doesn't appeal to me. He did a good job though.

    ~Kim C - "Stuck" by Stacie Orrico. Now, first let me say that her voice does not appeal to me. She did a nice job though. I was just really impressed with how much energy she had. She is an excellent performer. I just am not a huge fan of her voice.

    ~Carmen - "Up" by Shania Twain. Her voice was not as bad as I thought it would be. She definitely has improved. However, her voice never has and still doesn't appeal to me. But, like Kim C....she is an excellent performer. She's a great dancer and knows how to get the crowd excited. Good luck to though. She has improved since the show and I am sure that she will continue to improve.

    ~Trenyce - "Proud Mary" by Tina Turner. Wow. She did an AMAZING job. She had all the dance moves down and sounded great.

    ~Kim L sang "Band of Gold". I loved this performance. She has such a beautiful voice.

    ~Clay sang "This Is The Night." His mic wasn't working for part of the song and I was getting pretty pissed off. But, eventually....I got to hear him sing it and he nailed this song. Wow. Just..wow. Really. His voice is even more amazing in person.

    ~Ruben - "Superstar." He did a real nice job. Nice, smooth voice. The crowd loved it.

    Now, I don't remember the order of what happened after that. So, I will just list some of the things that caught my attention:

    ~The guys sang "The Lady is A Tramp" and I absolutely adored it. They all sounded great. Then, the girls came out and sang "Bootylicious." Again, they all sounded great and they were all dancing and working the stage. The crowd love it.

    ~The Bee-gee's Medley. Charles started it by singing "Jive Talking". The crowd went crazy. Eventually, Clay sang "To Love Somebody" and the crowd went even more crazy. He sounded amazing.

    ~The girls sang the song from Charlie's Angel. (Don't remember the title). But, I really enjoyed this performance. They got the crowd on their feet. Kim L had the lead and it was the perfect song for her voice.

    ~Clay sang "Can You Feel The Love Tonight?" Geez. I started crying when he sang this. (Ok, don't laugh at me! ) He did a fantastic job, as usual.

    ~Trenyce sang "I Have Nothing" and she sounded amazing. Much better than I've ever heard her sound before. Excellent.

    ~Kim L sang "Somewhere Over The Rainbow." I know she sang this song many times before...but, I don't care. She knocked this song out of the park. GREAT, GREAT job.

    ~Clay and Ruben did a duet. "The Girl Is Mine." They were both wearing white and sounded fantastic. Who said they can't act? The crowd loved it (including me). One of my favorite parts of the whole show.

    ~The girls sang "I'm Every Woman" and Trenyce had the lead. I really enjoyed this.

    ~Julia and Rickey did a duet...and it was reallyyyyy nice. Julia looked beautiful. She and Rickey did a great job.

    ~Ruben sang a song from his upcoming album. (I forgot the title). He did a nice job! Now, I'm not a fan of his style of music. But, if you like that type of stuff - then this song is definitely for you. It's a little hip-hop with a mix of soul and r&b. He was fantastic.

    ~Clay started off by singing "I've Had The Time Of My Life" and then was followed by the rest of the gang.

    ~Clay sang "Invisible." (A song from his upcoming album). He came out wearing a Chicago Blackhawks jersey and the audience went crazy. Ok, I will try not to gush...but, my goodness. I absolutely love this song. Sure, it's a pop song. But, he sounded phenomenal. It's very radio-friendly and I can definitely see it being a hit. He sang the heck outta this song. He was working that stage. He CAN dance.

    ~Ruben sang "Imagine" and then the rest of them came out on stage.

    ~The ended the show with all of them singing "God Bless The U.S.A" It really was a beautiful performance. (I know that might sound a bit cheesey...but, the audience was on their feet, singing along...and all of the contestants sounded great.)

    ...there was a lot of other things that happened. but, those were just the things that really stuck out to me.

    I was really amazed by the diversity and size of the crowd. I had no idea that there were that many American Idol fans in Illinois. Their were a lot of little kids, a lot of teenagers, a lot of people in their 20's and a lot of people in their 30 and up. I certaintly wasn't expecting that.

    The crowd favorites were definitely Clay and Ruben. Probably more-so Clay. (And no, I am not just saying that because I am biased. ) Everywhere I looked...there was a person holding a Clay sign or wearing a Clay t-shirt. However, everytime both Clay and Ruben came on stage....the crowd jumped up from their seats and started screaming like crazy.

    The show was great. Really, really great. If you have an upcoming concert...it is well worth the wait.

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    Forgot a few more Clay points (i.e. I said he was chatty/humorous):

    During the obligatory “let’s make the audience cheer” part of any concert, Clay, Trenyce, and Kimberly Caldwell came out and said they wanted to hear the crowd cheer for Ruben. So they split the audience into three groups to see who was the loudest, left, right, and floor/center. Clay had the floor/center section. First Kim C.’s side was supposed to yell out, “Ruben!” Then Trenyce’s side was supposed to yell out, “Studdard”. Then Clay said, “Does Ruben have a third name? Hmmm, I don’t know…(pause for comic effect and then really quickly) oh, what the heck, why don’t you all just yell “Clay!” The audience went nuts and suddenly you hear mumbling from somewhere backstage, and Clay says, “Is that you, Ruben?” And Ruben jokes from backstage, “Clay, are you hatin’ on me?” while laughing. You’ve just got to love these two guys.

    Also, during the “Lady is a Tramp” song, the other men in white are wearing hats, and Clay playfully says, “Where’s my hat?”

    There was a lot of this going on with Clay. Little jokes, little chit chats, but I couldn’t remember them all. At some other point he joked about himself and American Idol, but I don’t remember what he said. He was the one to mention/signal when the show was getting close to the end etc. and mentioned great things I just can’t remember.

    At another point, Clay comfortably walks around the stage and tells the story about how he went to London for a bit to record his album, and said that when he came back to the U.S., the first place he came to was Minnesota, and he thought it was beautiful. Like I said, he was completely comfortable and approachable on stage. He then went on to talk about his great stay here. Everyone else also made a point to insert how great St. Paul was and how much fun they were having here/have had here during the rehearsals for the tour.
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    I posted this on the Clay thread, but just in case some people don't go there and are interested:

    Here's a .wmv video of Clay performing Invisible live at the MN concert! Taken by one of the posters at the Neurox forum. It's probably one of those digicams with a movie mode... shaky but clear!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Niphredil
    I posted this on the Clay thread, but just in case some people don't go there and are interested:

    Here's a .wmv video of Clay performing Invisible live at the MN concert! Taken by one of the posters at the Neurox forum. It's probably one of those digicams with a movie mode... shaky but clear!
    Thank you so much for this website, now I can hear Clay singing Invisible .

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    I wont add my recap since there are other beautiful recaps of the ST.Paul Concert.....I was there and it was fabulous. Clay looked, sang, and danced great! The others were all great too hehe. Worth the drive and cash. Beware! souvi's are spendy!!! Also this is sort of interesting.....I met SFW_mom waiting in line to get into the concert!!! I thought it was really cool to meet a fellow FORT memember! my mom had on a "Clay Aiken: Judge Tested , Mother Approved" T-shirt, and that was SFW's son's idea, so she asked if we went to the FORT!!! kinda funny huh? Anyhow the concert was amazing! If you dont have tickets get them! try ebay if nothing else! Its totally worth the money!!! 9 very talented performers in one concert!!! hope you all get to one!

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    After I saw Clay's clip from the concert, I am glad that I don't plan to go to an AI concert. Personally, I just can't stand all the screaming and yelling. It would make me want to bitch-slap them and tell them to "shut the hell up".
    Guess I will save my money and buy Ruben's album.

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