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Thread: 7/8 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    top three next wednesday will be.....Lucy, Danielle, and probably AJ or maybe even Chauncey.

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    The reason they didn't show the best clip of Lucy's song is because they always show the ending of the song for the last singer. Last week Taylor went last, and her recap was the "Whoo, Yeah" hip shake instead of any real notes. I don't know why they do it, but it has been consistent.
    That may be true - but it worked out better for Taylor since that showed how much energy she had in her performance. I don't think it worked out as well for Lucy - but she's lucky since she did go last, people did likely remember her amazing performance.

    BTW, is it just me or does Lucy kind of remind you of a younger, more attractive Mena Suvari (same facial structure)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cupcake33
    I agree that she's very poised and pretty, but I beg to diffah, I've never seen somebody more conventional-looking. I have 2 friends that are both mirror images of her. (minus the eyebrows, lol) I think if we're talkin unconventional beauty, look at Chantel. *IMO*
    HOTT. Can I meet them?

    (I'm kidding. I'm an almost-24-year-old mom-of-almost-2.)

    Seriously, though... it's the eyebrows that give Katelyn a unique look. To me, Chantel is an "exotic" beauty... the kind of girl that all the guys find gorgeous because she has an ethnic look. If you want conventional beauty, look to Tori or Jordan - your typical blue-eyed blonde beach-babes - or even Danielle, in all her freckled brunette cuteness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yeahyeah
    BTW, is it just me or does Lucy kind of remind you of a younger, more attractive Mena Suvari (same facial structure)?
    To me, she looks a ton like Danica McKellar. (Winnie from the Wonder Years)

    sweet201, I agree with your whole post, except I actually think Danielle is somewhat unconventially pretty. Maybe it's the smile?

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    Post Your Reviews About 7.8

    Please check out my site: www.juniors.fan-page.com!

    What I thought about all of the performances:

    Tori Thompson "Love The One You're With"
    This song reminds me of hippies, anyone agree? Well anyway, I thought Tori did okay. Excuse me for saying this, but she needs to stop using that "point" if you know what I mean. Tori did well considering the amount of skills this song required.

    Danielle White "Close To You"
    Danielle is one of my favorites. I thought this performance was great. Next time, Danielle should pick maybe a faster song, so we can see how she does with other types of music. Nonetheless, Danielle did well.

    Morgan Burke "Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes"
    You must admit, Morgan chooses the best songs. His voice is very nice, he's a great performer as well. As always, he amazed me.

    Chauncey Matthews "Hey There Lonely Girl"
    From the begining, I always liked Chauncey. After this performance, I like him even more! He surprised me with this, I feel that he did very, very well. The high note[s] he belted out amazed me. His little sister is adorable too.

    Chantel Kohl "Stony End"
    Chantel is very talented, her voice is great, but this song didn't suit her too well. "Power of Love" was probably the best performance I've seen by her. Chantel needs to pick out better songs that show her vocal ability.

    Jordan McCoy "ABC"
    Although many disagree with me, I thought this performance was adorable! She has the looks, voice and stage presence needed for the group. Although she doesn't have the strongest voice, she should be in the group. Doesn't she sport that "mickey mouse club" quality?

    Katelyn Tarver "We've Only Just begun"

    I don't think Katelyns' voice is that great. She is very pretty though, but this wasn't her very best.

    A.J. Melendez "I'll Be There"

    This was deffinetly not the best song for him. The beggining was ... well not the best. Weren't the girls [that he held hands with] just a little *too* old for him? And I don't like his dad grinning like that.

    Lucy Hale "Make It Easy On Yourself"

    Lucy was truely amazing, singing this song. She has such a great voice, but if she's in the group, I think her voice will over shadow the others. It's just a little too stong. Lucy is better off as a solo artist.

    TOP THREE will be ..

    1) Chantel/Tori
    2) Chantel/Tori
    [not that Tori is bad, but she will get a lot of sympathy votes because of her sister being in the group already]
    3) Chancey/Lucy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dani321
    and speaking of stage presence, anyoe else totally love Chantel "raising the roof" to Jesus up there? I'm sure her older sister helped her throw that one in. Bravo, as a very religious person, I'm happy to say it was the best part of her performance
    Ditto! my thoughts exactly.

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    Last night was the first time I saw the show. I tuned in when Chauncey was singing, but I got a feel for everyone's voice and style from the end clips.

    Chauncey was definitely my favorite. Something charismatic about him, in addition to an awesome voice and gimmick-free style. In several ways he reminded me of a young, dark-skinned Clay Aiken. He's also got a lot of the style of the young Michael Jackson. I'd love to see what he can develop into in the music business. I could tell he's had vocal training, with great results. He could become a major star.

    Lucy was my second favorites. Most of the others had a touch of "pitchiness" at times or just uninspired singing or stage movements that seemed contrived. Lucy's got a terrific voice, looks great, and has great stage presence.
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