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Thread: And the year was 1970...

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    Just a guess. It seems his style. He has enough personality to count as 5!

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    Quote Originally Posted by maleady33
    It says plain-out on the site it's music from 1970. Actually, there were a lot of good songs from the 70's, and I'm hoping the Jrs. will pick appropriate ones and appropriate attire (*cough* Thompsons and Chantel*). I'm hoping someone will do "Band Of Gold".

    Ooo Band of Gold!!! I Love Kimberly Locke's version of that song... I think it would probably suit Lucy's or Chantel's voice.

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    Ah I wanna see Chauncey do Bridge Over Troubled Water!!

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    hahahaha, I hate to say it, hahahaha. But where is Lauren Klenna! I could totally see her doing "raindrops keep falling on my head"....oh gosh. That was a funny moment.
    Congratulations Tori and Taylor!

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    i think if morgan and chauncy should sing jackson 5 songs i know cuz their voice is like high like michael's and im a jackson 5 expert so if u have questions ask me

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    wait holds up take out that if me bads cant spell right now

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