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Thread: What are your favorite and least favorite American Junior Performances???

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    Taylor~ both "The Shoop Shoop Song" and "Proud Mary"
    Tori~ " Let'Er rip"
    Jordan~ " I love you more today than yesterday" and " Stupid Cupid"
    Danielle~ " Colors of the Wind"
    Lucy~ " I'm Gonna Make You Love Me"

    Least Favs~
    Lauren Klena~ L O V E
    Mercedes Ruiz~ " Can't Fight the Moonlight"

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    Tori Thompson - Let Er Rip
    Taylor Thompson - Proud Mary
    Tyler Foehr - Every Little Thing She Does
    Danielle White - Good Morning Starshine
    Katelyn Tarver - Never Fall in Love Again
    Chantel Kohl - You Make Me So Very Happy

    Least Favorites:
    Lauren Klena - LOVE
    Julie Dubela - Rainy Days and Mondays
    Kara Lieberman - Hopelessly Devoted
    Grace Leer - To Sir With Love
    Mercedes Ruiz - Can't Fight the Moonlight

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    Chauncey-All of them
    Chantel-Open Arms & You make me so very happy
    Lucy- I'm gonna make you love me
    Kristinia- Reflection
    Taylor- Proud Mary
    Tori- Love the one you're with and Let er' rip
    Morgan-ALL OF EM

    If You don't see them on here... I either can't remember some songs they sang, or I'm not gonna criticize them
    ~*Tennessee Sweetheart*~

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    Favorites: Let'Er Rip---Tori Thompson
    Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes---Morgan Burke
    Colors of the Wind---Danielle White
    Shoop Shoop Song---Taylor Thompson

    Least Favorites: Bad Moon Rising---Tori Thompson
    I'll Be There---AJ Melendez

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    katelyn-aint no mountian
    aj - isnt she lovely
    danielle-colors of the wind
    tori- all songs
    taylor-all songs

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    OK favs.
    Morgan-Build me up Buttercup
    Morgan-Why do Fools Fall In Love
    Morgan-My love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes
    Tori-Let er' rip
    Taylor-proud mary
    Chauncey-Hey there lonley and all the others!
    Lucy-Get here

    least favs
    Chantel-All of them she gets on my last nerve
    A.J.-Ill be there he sounded like a queer
    Danielle-Good morning starshine
    Katylin-every single song she has ever sang in her whole lyfe!!!!

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    danielle - close to you, colors of the wind
    grace - to sir with love
    lucy - make it easy

    least favories:

    lauren - love
    mercedes - can't fight the moonlight
    chauncey - the second song he sang, don't remember name but it was bad

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    Favorites (not in order...sept Chantel is first...but the rest not in order)

    Chantel - Open Arms
    Lucy - Get Here
    Lucy - Make it Easy
    Danielle - Good Morning Starshine
    Danielle - Close to You
    Tori - Let er Rip
    Tori - Love the one ur with
    Tori - Bad Moon Rising
    Taylor - Proud Mary
    GRACE - To Sir With Love

    Least Favorites

    Lauren - LOVE
    Tyler - Every little thing she does is magic
    Taylor - The Shoop Shoop Song
    Aj - everything

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    Best (of Taylor And Tori)
    Taylor Thompson-proud Mary
    Taylor Thompson- Shoop Shoop Song (did Very Good But I Didnt Like It As Much As Others)
    Tori Thompson- Let 'er Rip
    Tori Thompson- Love The One Your With

    Worst Of Taylor And Tori
    Taylor Thompson- Cheesbergers For Me (did Good But I Didnt Like It As Much As Others)
    Tori Thompson- Bad Moon Rising

    Dont Get Me Wrong They All Did Very Good On All Of Those Songs, But I Think That They Did Not Do As Good On Some.

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