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Thread: Ryan Malcolm

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    Remus Lupin
    Quote Originally Posted by eny
    So it's a about a year in and another CI has been crowned. I know somone who works at restaurant with a drive thru.. Ryan came through the drive thru and was such an obnoxious tool, they will be talking about him for years.

    Just to make sure everyone knew it was RYANMALCOLM , he wanted to use his interac card. Trouble was this establishment didn't take interac at the drive thru. He threw a fit and used the old don't you know I'm RYANMALCOLM. They used the old unless you can magically make an interac connection appear in the presence of your magical malcolmness, you'll have to use cash like everyone else. After a few more I'm RYANMALCOLM and more rants about you'll be hearing about this, he sped off.

    They now want to change the prominent "cash only" sign at the entrance to said drive thru to read. Cash only even if you are RYANMALCOLM.
    You know, I find this story really hard to believe, especially considering that Ryan used to be a waiter and has obviously dealt with numerous cases of difficult, obnoxious customers over the years. Former service workers are usually much more respectful of compatriots in the industry.

    Anyone can claim to be a celebrity. I wouldn't be surprised if someone decided to use his name in this situation.

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    Remus, it wouldn't surprise me in the least... it's been shown time and time again that fame can do strange things to people... plus you have to remember that Ryan is from eny's hometown... they would know him better than you or I would.

    Plus he's always seemed like a jerk to me

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    There are lots of Ryan sightings around town. Lets just say the "before" interactions were a lot nicer than the "after " Idol ones.

    He sang at a friends parents anniversary party "before" and couldn't have been nicer. He sang "Crazy" and everyone cried. No such after stories , sorry to say except this and various bar sightings where he's either booed out of the place , or is really obnoxious. Sad really.

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