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Thread: Ryan Malcolm

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    happyblue, I've talked to some Ryan fans. I don't get the feeling that the majority of them are young girls who have a "crush" on him. The majority of Ryan fans I talked to like him because of his style of music, and also because he does communicate well with audiences.
    I don't think Ryan's going to win this though. I think he'll make it to top three.

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    Oh well. Guess I'm reading too much into this Malcolmania thing.

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    Yoffy lifts a finger... fluff's Avatar
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    I agree that Ryan does have a way of communicating with the audience.
    I wonder if he has a certain "geek appeal" for some people.

    He certainly seems to get the most audience cheers.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by happyblue
    This guy has the geeky Clay thing going on. His voice also doesn't fit into the cookie cutter sound Idol prefers. I liked his hip version of Dock of the Bay. It'll be interesting to watch him sing in a few weeks from now.
    Completely agree!!! My bf was saying he's like the Clay of Canadian Idol! I'm totally rooting for Ryan Malcolm! OUTRAGE that he was in the bottom two this past week!!!!!

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    I wouldn't say Ryan has "geek appeal," just because he doesn't seem to be a geek... not that there's anything wrong with being a geek. I'm one myself!

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    Ryan looks and feels like a whole lot of other Canadian Idols out there. Think about some Canadian bands - can't you just see Ryan as a member? Blue Rodeo comes to mind but he would fit in with Great Big Sea and even Bare Naked Ladies.
    Reality is overated!

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    His stage presence totally channels Gord Downie of the Hip.

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    He has to be considered the favourite in the finals against Gary, despite his wildcard status. He will try & pull-off what Clay could not quite muster & win this thing as a wildcard.

    His singing performances have declined recently, but his stage presence is always there. If he can regain his singing performances from the middle of this competition, then he has an excellent chance of being CI's first Idol.

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    Canadian Chick
    When deciding on who should win, the whole picture should come into account. Ryan is energetic on stage, gets into his songs, and has a good time singing. Plus imo he's got a great voice. He has my vote!

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    Well since Billy's gone I have to vote Ryan.

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