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Thread: Ryan Malcolm

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    I guess I'm not alone in the Ryan camp. How nice!
    I only got to watch the first four performers on Motwon night. I thought that out of the four of them, he was the only one where I could "feel his performance" as Jake and Farley put it.
    I agree MissF, he's not very flashy, but he's still interesting. I have a feeling he's probably very versatile and will adapt himself to the different themes.

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    Hey Everyone! I was just wondering if you guys (Ryan fans) would be willing to participate in a Fanbook for Ryan? Filled with messages, letters, etc.. I know there are a lot of Ryan fans that can't make it out to the show every week... So if anyone is interested you can email me at (ryan_fanbook@yahoo.com) This is just a little something for everyone to have a chance to send Ryan our well wishes and show our support! I was at the 11th show! * Which was awesome*! I'll be going again on August 25th.(Hopefully Ryan will still be there)as he should. And I would give him the book! Thanks Deadline is the 21st! Hopefully I hear from some of you

    Take care

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    I like ryan
    I was a little iffy at first but her grew on me
    I call him my "clay fix-canadian style" lol
    take care

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    Yoffy lifts a finger... fluff's Avatar
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    He definitely seemed to be the fans favoruite as far as the studio audience was concerned.
    He was getting the biggest cheers.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    It sounds like Ryan has a significant fanbase & most importantly it is a fanbase that is increasing in passion, something clearly needed to be a contender in this competiition. His performances are improving. He's always had the stage presence, but now it seems like his singing is also measuring up.

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    No No and NO do not compare my hometown boy to that Clay thing from down under. I just hope his brush with Mariah didn't have a negative effect.

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    I didn't compare him to Clay-I loved Clay-I love Ryan-so Ryan is my Clay fix...
    besides I think it would be an honer to be Compared to Clay-His voice was terrific.

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    I think if I was going to compare Ryan to anybody, it would be Alanis Morisette. Ryan has a good enough voice to stay in tune, but he doesn't do much fancy voice work... and he still keeps his performances interesting. I think he's just a pleasure to watch.

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    I think Ryan is terrific
    and damn straight Im a claymate lol

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    Looks like Ryan's gonna win this thing. Large fanbase. A dude on a chick-show. That's two in the bag. Add to that a level playing field, with no one performer standing out from the rest, it's probable that a male with a large fanbase will win.

    Personally, I don't think Ryan has the greatest voice or even much of a personality. But I will admit to the fact that he communicates well with live audiences and obviously the voters, and that his performances are consistent. I won't hold any grudges if he wins.

    I really think he needs a band backing him. He doesn't look comfortable alone on stage at all.

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