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Thread: Who is the best dancer?

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    Who is the best dancer?

    My vote goes to Lucy and Jordan!!!!! Who do you think?

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    Definitely the Thompson sisters! I think their mom as a dancer really pays off. Tori's "river' step last night had me smiling from ear to ear. It was too cute!!

    I also think Chantel's a good dancer. Lucy looks really awkward to me, and Jordan and Morgan are good dancers, but I think they tend to "overdance" or put too much into it, which makes it look very unnatural.
    Congratulations Tori and Taylor!

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    From what I have seen from the auditions until now...I would say Tori, AJ and Danielle are the best dancers.

    When you see them in group settings they seems to remember the moves and perform them smoothly and naturally.

    After looking back at my tape, I still find Lucy and Katelyn look awkward doing the dance moves and miss steps. They just seem out of place somehow.

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    I agree that Lucy looks a little awkward dancing.
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    AJ and the Thompson Girls

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    A.J. and the Thompsons.

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    I think Taylor is one of the best i mean after her performance last night to proud mary she blew me away with her dancing. That girl can deffently move. I also think her sister is a good dancer for her age and that in the group song they did last week lucy and Chantel looked odd doing some of the moves.

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    I think A.J. and the Thompson sisters are the ones who really stand out (in a good way). Morgan can dance,but,to me,he just kind of overdoes it...

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    * I think Tori and Taylor are the best dancers and Jordan is very good and "sassy" too. By far for the girls they are the most talented dancers. For the guys AJ is good and so is Morgan but sometimes Morgan overdoes it I'll agree to that. I also think your all right by saying Lucy looks weird and I think Chantel does too.

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    Jordan and the Thompson Sisters.

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