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    Hope everyone doesn't mind a quick personal post...but I just wanted to send a big THANK YOU to Dani for saying she will vote for Tori for me tonight...since us Canucks can watch...but we can't vote

    Thanks Dani...you're a sweetie!

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    This one the kind of thing that bothers me. People deciding who they'll vote for before they even perform. I know you've heard them once, but still.
    English side... ruined! Must use French directions. Le Grille?! What the hell is that?!

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    I think the whole point is that the "audience" makes the decisions. It makes sense that people will vote for their favorites...otherwise, how would Chauncey have ever made it through?

    If I knew Tori was a terrible singer, then I wouldn't want to vote for her in the first place. We all know that with the exception of maybe one or two of the final 10 kids, they can ALL sing well.

    Basically...if you don't vote for your favorite, then you can be sure that other's will vote for theirs.

    I was just taking time out to thank one of my "friendly" neighbors to the south for being so considerate

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    Please use private messaging for personal (off topic, only meant for one person) stuff.

    Just click the "pm" button at the bottom of any of their posts.

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