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Thread: Do you think there will be a second season?

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    I know there will be a second american juniors but i dont know where the auditions will be at . it will start in mid august.

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    Greengirl, there is a much newer thread about this, and no, it's not definite there will be an AJ2. That's why you don't know when or where the auditions will be.

    You would think that when your first 2 posts are deleted, that should tell you something. Persistence is not admirable around here.

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    I think there WILL be another American Juniors. Please look out for my cousin Colton Gosselin. You may have seen him on "Are You All That?" on Nickelodeon. He got into the final five, but unfortunately didnt win. If there is and American Juniors 2, he'll be there and please watch out for him. He's an amazing singer.

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