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Thread: Performing solo to be part of a group?

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    Your opinion...

    Ok...something just dawned on me. We are voting for a "Group" right?

    So how come we only get to see the kids sing solo before making a decision?

    After the voting night, on the half-hour results show, the kids all perform a song together. But the votes have already been tallied based on their solo performance.

    The reason I bring this up is, I have noticed that certain kids did better in a group setting and some did better in a solo setting.

    For example, I thought Canyon's solo performance was fairly poor, but when he sang with the group ("Put A Little Love In Your Heart") he did quite well.
    Likewise, Mercedes was awesome in the group performance, but not on her own.

    Both Chantel and Lucy were great singing their solo songs, but I found they weren't as good in the group setting. They didn't seem to have the dance moves down and seemed un-sure.

    Jordan, Taylor and Tori all seemed to do well in both the solo and group performance. Very well-rounded. AJ and Morgan are also great in both areas.

    Which also brings me to another point...I find that out of both groups, the girls have all been much stronger vocalists while the boys have in general been the better dancers.

    What I guess I'm trying to say is....maybe the audience (who are the voters after all) should get to see the kids both solo AND in a group performance BEFORE we vote. I think it makes a big difference.

    Although kids like Chantel, Lucy and Katelyn are wonderful solo...they may be too strong vocally to fit into a group well. Chantel in particular strikes me as someone who would do better on her own as a solo performer.

    What do you all think?

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    I don't understand if we're voting for a band or a group.

    It is a little crazy to vote on their solo performances, when they won't be solo in this group. Is this group going to dance? I don't understand the entire concept of the show. I don't think any does acutally...

    I think Chantel would be ok in a group. She's a very strong dancer, and her voice isn't powerful, but she especially has group "attitude". But Lucy should not be in this group! She deserves a solo work. She is just too poweful to be in the group. In fact, she should be on American Idol. Maybe they should've put Carmen on American Juniors...

    Merecdes still would not have gotten my vote.
    Congratulations Tori and Taylor!

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    I don't get it...

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    I've been saying this the whole time. Kristinia definately would have made the top 5 is they had the group perforance to be voted on.
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    So would a lot of people Thunderstruck.

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    Originally posted by Dani321
    I don't understand if we're voting for a band or a group.
    Rn't they basically the same thing? This show has called it both. Bands tend to play instruments, so i guess American Juniors is going to be a 'group.'

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    Exactly what I say. Mercedes did much, much better and after all, it is a group. I really think they should have showed them singing as a group the same night.Then, maybe Mercedes would have gotten more votes.

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