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Thread: "Put a Little Love In Your Heart" thoughts

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    Although I really like both Chantel and Lucy i have to agree they both would make much better solo artists. I really don't like Morgan and i think he is more of a solo artist also because he outshines the others.

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    I just listened to Put a Little Love in your Heart again, and it was just the audio, so I'm basing this just on the kids' voices and not their performance skills or looks.

    First of all, Canyon was ok, better than on tuesday, but I really wished he had gotten into the top 10. I'll admit that he's definitely not the best singer there, but I still love him. He just has the charm to appeal to people, which is what you need in a group anyway. Lauren sounds a lot better when you don't have to see her performance, because her face gets all tight, but even when I was just listening to her singing, I could still tell that she was singing through her teeth. Mercedes was also a ton better. I thought she was much better than Tori, who sang after her. IMO, Tori's singing was the weakest in this song.

    Jordan was amazing, one of the best, and since she sang right before Taylor, you could really tell the differences between their voices. Jordan is definitely much better (JMO, so don't get offended), but I still think Taylor's pretty good. Brennan was also great, and I also thought he was a lot better than Taylor. I think he's a really good singer, and the judges shouldn't have been so hard on him on Tuesday. He would've been great in the group once he practiced performing a little more.

    Lucy and Chantel were both really good (no surprise), although I think they're too old for the group,and Quinton sounded pretty much the same as the night before.

    Anyway, I'm not sure if all of that made much sense, but that's my 2 cents!

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    Jordan, Chantel, and Lucy were AMAZING! wow.. i think all the kids do better on the group thing, you dont have to be as nervous!

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