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Thread: 'From Justin to Kelly' goes from bad to worse

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    'From Justin to Kelly' goes from bad to worse

    From The Exponent Online

    If you have seen a movie so terrible, you laugh out loud at its lame content and predictability, you know what "From Justin to Kelly" is like.

    The movie, which stars American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson and runner-up Justin Guarini, opened this weekend in theaters.

    The movie takes place during Spring Break in Miami. Kelly and her friends Kaya, the intelligent best friend (Anika Noni Rose), and Alexa, the jealous back-stabber (Katherine Bailess), persuade Kelly to leave Texas and head to the Miami beach for a break. In the meantime, Justin and his Pennsylvania pals Brandon, the fast-talking ladies' man (Greg Siff), and Eddie, the computer nerd (Brian Dietzen), also headed for Miami.

    As soon as the Kelly and her friends get to Miami, they head straight to the beach and proceed to break into song. While dancing with random guys, Kelly meets Justin. Sparks fly, yada yada. The whole movie goes downhill from there.

    Justin and Kelly are reunited. She gives him her phone number, but it gets destroyed. He asks Alexa for Kelly's number, but she gives him her own cell phone number out of jealously. She masquerades as Kelly by text-messaging him. Sound confusing? It was.

    The scenes did not flow well at all. There was no concept of time in this movie. It was sometimes unclear as to whether something was taking place at the same time as another scene. And out of nowhere it was their last day there. Timing was definitely a problem in the movie, but it wasn't the only one.

    The plot? Lame. The acting? Horrendous. The music? Catchy, yet crappy. There were many moments where you would literally turn to the person next to you and say, "I feel a song coming on." This isn't too surprising, considering it's a musical comedy. But at every dramatic moment, in place of meaningful dialogue was a cheesy song. Take for instance the scene in which Justin and Kelly spend time together on a motorboat.

    This is basically their first date, but rather than have the characters engage in conversation, they sing. But not even a duet together, it's more like them gazing off in the distance and singing about their feelings for one another. This scene would have worked much better had it of actually contained more dialogue. In fact, the entire movie would have worked better with more conversations. Wait. Probably not, because the dialogue that was there was cheesy and lame. "You know what? Game over." Most other writers would have written the "dismissal" scene much better.

    The acting was not very good either. You can tell the movie is filled with singers, not actors. It can be difficult to cast someone who can sing, dance and act. Bailess, who played Alexa, was one who did not do well in any of those three areas. There was an entire musical scene featuring her alone, and it did not work because of her lack of ability in any performance art. The actors definitely needed more formal acting training. Vocally, they did OK. The dancing was good, but there was just too much of it, and at the wrong times.

    Some critics said this movie would be the next "Grease." Perhaps they were thinking the kind of grease you cook with, and not the musical from the '70s starring John Travolta. Either way, this movie lacks talent and a decent story line.
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    I saw this. It was stupid.

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    Well, when even the "teasers" for a movie don't tease me enough to make me give a hoot about seeing it, I'm not surprised when it tanks.

    The way one reviewer put it:
    "From Justin To Kelly"
    should be retitled:
    "From Studio To Video."
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    Actually, I heard it was surprisingly good from numerous people.

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    I thought it was cheesy, the acting was TERRIBLE (Kelly's "friends" could not act at all), people would break out into random bursts of song (and not all of them could sing), and the plot line was so overdone. Boy meets girl over Spring Break, boy tries to get girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl back in the end. I was darn near close to falling asleep, but I was too scared to. There were only about 5 of us in the theater total. What a waste of space.

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    directorscut(directors.cut@oce anfree.net)
    From behind the cinema seat..

    Date 19 June 2003
    Summary: I have NEVER been so scared in my entire life.

    As a child movies scared me. The monster in "Big Trouble in Little China" and Danny Devito in "Batman Returns" in particular. As I grew up I started to watching real horror movies, like "Suspiria" "Texas Chain Saw Massacre" and "Night of the Living Dead" and it's sequel. These films shocked, scared and repulsed me.

    But NONE of these compare to the horror that is "From Justin to Kelly". Please don't bring your children to see this. You'll be paying psychiatrist bills for the rest of your day.

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    actaully, i dont think its the kind of bad you can laugh at ("plan nine from outer space", anyone? )...

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    Gee, what a shocker !

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    Ya' know I'm guessing "BACK TO THE BEACH" was better.
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