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Thread: What were the producers thinking?

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    Actually, I'm not a very big fan of Grace or Kristinia, either, so I guess I make three

    Either way, when you think about it, this forum really won't make a humongous difference in the voting system. If we were the majority, Canyon would have probably gotten through and Chauncey wouldn't have been in the top 10.

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    I just watch the show for entertainment, so I don't call in to vote and I have no plans of buying a CD. I think who gets in really just depends on how many people are impassioned enough about the show or an individual to call in and vote like crazy - not myself, however...

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    Everyone is entitled to an opinion. I don't mean to offend anyone....I just have a different view.

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    i think the producers messed up back making the age range so large. there's a big difference in maturity and voice quality from the Lucy, Katelyn and Chantel group to the Danielle, Tori and Taylor group. also none of the guys are as physically mature as the first group of girls i mentioned, and they are more physically mature than the other group. they producers should have made the age range a lot narrower

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