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Thread: Clay Aiken Part VII

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    I've been thinking about why the men (i.e. John, Lobeck, and hazyshadeof) are uncomfortable or uncomprehending of the female gush/passion for Clay and I think I've come up with an analogy they'll understand.

    I am a huge baseball fan, and have rooted for the Yankees all my life. What frequently happens in NY is that if you root for one local team, you root against the other. So when the Mets are doing badly, I listen to the NYC sports station WFAN to hear the Mets fans rant and rave. When a Mets player (or management) screws up, the fans call the FAN and with a passion equal to that we feel for Clay, but with a negative rather than positive force, express just what they think should happen to whoever has most recently failed (and thus brought them the anguish a fan feels when his team loses).

    This kind of negative energy is encouraged in the sports media. The most popular personalities on WFAN are known as Mike and the Mad Dog. Mad Dog (real name Chris Russo) spends a fair amount of the show screaming. So does Tony Kornheiser on Pardon the Interuption on ESPN. The format is one guy screams about the failures of an athlete or a team and the other guy responds in a less fervent manner.

    Now I doubt that Messers. John, lobeck, or of, indulge in this sort of sports fanaticism, but they're probably all familiar with it, and hardly give it a thought. "Kill the umpire" has no emotional punch for them because it's a form of hyperbole that they've grown up with. It's perfectly normal and acceptable boy talk.

    I'm comfortable with Vinnie From Queens calling from his car phone (and thus putting all our lives in jeopardy) to rant about Armando Benitez's most recent blown save, and with Victoria From Queens taking time away from her job to gush about how adorable Clay's giggle is. Vinnie is never going to rid the Mets of Armando and Victoria is never going to make Clay giggle. The former is a violent fantasy and the latter a sexual one, but the amount of energy expended is equivalent.

    I hope that helps.

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    Originally posted by catnip
    Ruben already did his for FWOW at Birmingham, I think it is suppose to debut this week? Ruben_205 ? anyone confirm that?

    kitty_kat, welcome!!
    Thanx Yeah I thought it was supposed to come out this week too....I was just wondering if they're making any other ones :

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    The release of Ruben's "making the video" is postponed and will air next monday.

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    hi pepper,
    I think sports is probably one of the few areas where I've seen men get the way we get about Clay. A couple of the San Francisco radio stations are all-sports, and I always crack up at how "into" it some of the men get that call in after there's been a bad play, bad call, bad trade, etc. (By the way, I'm a big A's fan, but don't hold that against me since you're a Yankee fan.)
    (We had a week of men ranting and raving on the radio about Jeremy Giambi not sliding in that playoff game against the Yankee's a few years ago!).

    (I do realize that the men don't get that gush factor over the athletes that we get over Clay, but they do get passionate about sports).
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    thanx ruben_of_205

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    Finare said " And yeah, QueenP - an astute businesswoman is always on the lookout for a promising opportunity to invest in a quality product... so I'd be happy to discuss the business plan at length.
    And hey - thanks so much for the pic! That is.... um... just what the doctor ordered. (Heh - I knew that Ph.D. would come in handy someday!) "

    Well I am not a business person, but I could probably cough up a few bucks to become a partner in this promising enterprise. I am sure it would be a growing proposition. (Bad Debi *slap, slap* Bad Debi). I am a post-doctoral fellow, with 2 masters degrees. I think that John would be more upset if he realized how many of us crazies were professionals, so let's not tell him. We are imponderable enought to him now. Course some of that is that dinky Y chromosome.

    On the way home from work I was playing my new homemade Clay and Friends cd (my first audio cd). I had put on it the original S&G version of BOTW. My favorite song, and still wonderful itself, though different from Clay's. As it was playing, I realized another reason I like Clay so much. He lets us into his life. He tells us stuff. He wants to tell us stuff.

    Art Garfunkel could have had the same kind of geeky, long and lean charm that Clay has, but though I was/am a great fan, it was never like this. He did not share himself with us like this. Clay is open by nature I am assuming, and as we learn more we admire him more. I find this a huge difference in my view of Clay vs. other people that I am a fan of.

    Debi withdraws to listen to BOTW while playing tennis and working up a thirst for smoothies (lemonade!).
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    not sure if this is where i should post this but i just thought it was a nice plug for the boys on american juniors... ryan mentioned that clay is #1. ruben #2 and the group at #3.....

    ok, he mentioned clay again.... mentioned the rolling stone issue and that he sang " open arms" just like this young girl just did... she was pretty darn good!!
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    I am what I am, God has made me...What do I see when I look in the mirror?? I see me.......Clay

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    My husband finally understood why I have been acting slightly nutty after I pulled out the pics and video of him during the World Cup. He is a huge germany fan. Our house sported a german flag and he would wear the jersey during games and much to my chagrin, after as well (beer stains and all, I love the man, but sheesh can he make a mess). He was on the boards after the game. He would tape the games and analyze them.

    He no longer complains about my Clay Aiken desk top wallpaper.

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    From Finare
    "Enlighten", QueenP? (snort) According to my dictionary, that means "to give spiritual insight to"...
    Somehow I'm having real difficulty believing that would be the outcome of such a discussion - or even your intention!
    Hey! I think "enlighten" is the perfect word for my intentions. After viewing "The Trail", I felt that I'd just experience my own person epiphany!

    (Of course, you know I say that with the utmost affection.
    Yeah, yeah, whatever.
    I'm actually a bit afraid of you, Fin. PhD? Good Lord! Why are you talking to me? You could be talking to intelligent people!

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    Originally posted by QueenP
    I'm actually a bit afraid of you, Fin. PhD? Good Lord! Why are you talking to me? You could be talking to intelligent people!
    Well I'll talk to you QueenP, I'm not snooty. I like to wallow.

    When I relistened to the final 3 medley today, I realized how much I miss all three of them. I really liked watching the three of them. If they hadn't been a threat to our (my, my, my, he's mine) boy, I really liked their interactions and their music. I miss all three of them.

    I was bad today at Walmart. I had to go by a wading pool for my Boxer, so I stopped by the mags, looking for the Celebrity thingy. It wasn't there, but 2 Clay RSs were. They were in the second row. I moved them up to the first row, to make it easier for other Clay fans to find them. Al least I wasn't hiding Ruben's cds or something! Debi goes off to rejoin the tennis game. Funny, the scores always stays the same, Love:Love.
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