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Thread: I would have beat all these people in American Jr...

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    Quote Originally Posted by CheeseManCubed
    LOL, no way! I wouldn't stand a chance. O_O
    Any other children here that didn't go to the audition?
    Hey, I would have made it, if i was American, I really think they should consider having a Canadian juniors or having a junior idol where they have Americans and Canadians can be together, we're neighbours we shouldn't be afraid to do things together. I would really love it if one of those ideas would happen because i new i could at least make the first cut and maybe even make it to the finals or win!!!!!!!! ne coments about this........PLEASE say!

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    Can't you see that person made that post 10 monthes ago?

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    lol okay incase anyone sees this... Okay look Diana and Jas both making it into the top group? Lucy and Danielle both making it into the AJ group...? Shouldn't Simon see that America loves that age group! They would do wondeful with a Teen Idol ages 13-17 not 18... 18 is for AI and theres too much of a difference between 18 and 13! But he should come up with some better ideas... if that crashes like AJ did then they should have enough money ((come-on AI in 30 different countries)) to support it! I doubt it would do bad though!

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