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Thread: POLL: Do you believe any of the kids were voted through on the cute/pity vote factor?

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    POLL: Do you believe any of the kids were voted through on the cute/pity vote factor?

    I thought maybe Morgan Burke did. When I first saw Chauncey Mathews, I figured if he got through, it'd be based on cute/pity, but he sang really well.

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    I'm not sure...I think AJ might have been helped out by his hair...haha! But I think the 5 picked all did pretty good.

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    FORT Fogey
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    I think the five who were picked were the best singers in the group, actually!

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    I agree I think the 5 that were picked were the best ones... I totally adored Morgan, I think he'd be a really good addition to a group... very spunky & energetic

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    kristinia DeBarge

    I didn't think it was based on the cute factor. i thought they all deserved to move forward. I also thought that kristinia was the best one as well. I thought forsure she was going to move forward

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    I don't think at all that Morgan only got in on the cute and/or pity vote...he was awesome! Listen to his performance with your eyes closed...he is really amazing.

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    I felt that there were other performers who sang better or had more vibrant personalities than Chauncey. Of course, he is only nine so I can see why he would get the sympathy votes...no one wants to disappoint a child that young and that sensitive. I think Kristinia, Grace, and Tyler will still go on and have entertainment careers if they want them as they seem to have a lot going for them.

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    While I do think that all the boys chosen this week were cute in different ways, I also think their performances were worthy of getting through to the next stage.
    I thought Kristinia was very good too and would not have been surprised to see her make it.
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    I thought that all the people who made it where the best of the group. Although most of the boys are cute i agree their performace was very well and the should be semi finalist
    ~Kimber~remember vote for Chantel Kohl!

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    I thought Katlyn might have been voted on her "pretty" factor...

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