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Thread: POLL: Do you believe any of the kids were voted through on the cute/pity vote factor?

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    ~I Luv Canyon~
    i like katelyn and kara..i cant choose...i dont like chauncey though

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    PRETTY FACES........

    I remember reading I think on the American Junior site they were picking a group of 5 with pretty faces and the best singing.

    Looks like so far that's what we at home did with the10 left.
    No doubt the Thompson sisters Tori and Taylor are really cute.
    Not to leave out Katelyn along with the outers.

    Im sure looking foreward to this Tuesday nights show to see them sing different songs. Wonder if Tori will steal the show again.

    Actually once it was down to the 20 best selected then we voted for them ourselves after the show using the toll fee number.

    I found the new number they will use for Tuesdays show.
    1-877 954-37XX
    The XX if the singers vote number giving during the show.

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    Well i would have to say i agree with the whole chauncey thing i mean he was good but he didn't impress me. I think he robbed Kristinia of her spot. I also think Morgan robbed Grace of her spot because Morgan should not be in a group why can't people see that. In my opinion he's a showoff. I like CHauncey but i think the only boy who should make the band is AJ.

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