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Thread: POLL: Do you believe any of the kids were voted through on the cute/pity vote factor?

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    Agree with you...made it on cute factor...did not have a strong voice.

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    I think Chauncey was one of the most talented...definitely top 5 material in my opinion. Katelyn, however, don't know about her...?? But hey, that's just me.

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    I liked Katelyn. I heard her song again and thouht she did really well. That is my opinion.

    Can't win them all I guess. It's nice to hear everyone's opinion.

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    Now I am wondering if Mercedes will make it in since she too is little and nine.

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    I doubt it...she wasn't ready for this, I don't think, and I don't really think she'll get through.

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    i'm confused what is too little too young too big too old?

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    I think Katelyn was much better than Chauncey...i didn't care too much for chauncey...i honestly thought the hawaiian looking girl was going to be the one with most votes. oh well you win some you lose some.

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    Chauncey shouldn't have made it and by the way he's eleven years old not nine. There were only 3 nine year olds and they were all girls.

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    Kristinia or Grace should definitely have got the spot before Chauncey.

    What concerned me about that night is that they said he had the "highest" number of votes. That doesn't make sense for someone who was clearly the weakest performer of the night. Even the judges knew he wasn't quite as skilled as the other kids.

    I'm not saying he was terrible, just that he needs a lot of work to stay in pitch and to get some strength in his voice (which would especially be needed in a group setting).

    I do believe there was some vote-fixing that night and I think we will find out if this is true if he gets voted in 1st over the next 5 nights.

    Strangely...the vote for the 2nd group seemed very above board...exactly who I (and the judges) figured would make it through.

    I suppose we'll find out if Chauncey-gate will continue in the coming weeks.

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    I think katelyn might have been.. her voice was OK but not the best.... and not near as good as karas...

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