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Thread: Rolling Stone

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    I didn't see the Access Hollywood piece (not knowing that it was on), but I find it very interesting that Clay was interviewed along with Ruben. I can think of many reasons why, but none of them are flattering to Ruben.

    If Ruben is serious about having a star-level musical career, he'd better learn how to behave in front of a reporter and how to be interviewed on his own. He's been making missteps since he won AI (not addressing the 205 shirt situation directly, the delays in finishing the CD, the concert hip-hop song, cancelling out on advertised public appearances, the Rolling Stone article), and I don't think he has the fan base to overcome too much more.

    I suspect 19E is rapidly becoming disenchanted with their American Idol. His single, while certainly successful, will fall short of sales estimates, probably by 20-25%. Ruben seems to be doing almost no promotional work for the concerts (newspaper and radio interviews), and the cancelled appearances are beginning to be commented on in the press. Ruben isn't trying to do anything about his weight, in fact has stated proudly that he isn't. Weight is a stamina issue, potentially an insurance issue, and certainly leaves him open for ridicule (as the Rolling Stone article proves). While we might have found the "read the small print" comment amusing, I doubt 19E did. My guess is it wants the American Idol to appear grateful and happy. And given 19E's rapid fire responses to Frenchie and Corey, and its seeming reluctance to have Vanessa associated with the tour, I think it takes the family show aspect of American Idol seriously. It promoted Ruben as the velvet teddy bear, not the velvet thuggy bear.

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    Not that Ruben is bland, of course, but his actions on and off AI have so far demonstrated him as a friendly, laid-back sort of guy, and there's only so much that a journalist can do with that kind of persona.
    I've never met a person that simplistic. The reporter certainly could have done an interesting article without giving Ruben any false traits--and he might have.

    People who are inclined towards forming negative opinions of Ruben can rationalize their judgements of him all they want
    I could just as easily say that those who are inclined to feel favorably towards Ruben are rationalizing any negative information that comes to light. But that wouldn't be fair, either, of course. Just because I happen to disagree with you doesn't mean that my thought process is illogical, or that I am merely trying to "rationalize" my dislike by being overly judgemental. It could be that I just am a different person with different standards and points of irritation.

    I think I speak for the majority when I say that fans don't expect their idols to be perfect
    You speak for me as well. However, I get the strong impression that some Ruben fans here have some awfully high expectations for him as well. *shrug*

    And those who still maintain that Ruben is the Velvet Teddy Bear - well, you won't be able to persuade them to think otherwise.
    You're right, of course. My other intense interests include baseball and a book series, and I spend time discussing/debating those as well. When people perpetuate an opinion that just doesn't stand up to the facts in my view, I challenge it with a statistic or a quote, which is the norm in those places of discussion. Opinions involving music/celebrities don't usually have such clear-cut facts for support, but I do consider the RS article as "evidence" against Velvet Teddy Bear.

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    Mr. Bunbury
    Quote Originally Posted by ruben_of_205
    Is it just me or anyone else notice that the only people who have beef with Ruben's RS article are hard-core Clay's fans who had at least slammed more than once about Ruben before.
    ruben_of_205, please note that many of those who are defending Ruben in this thread are also "hard-core Clay's fans." Also, I think it was other "hard-core Clay's fans" who found the link to the scans and posted it here because they were being nice to "hard-core Ruben's fans" (and not because they want to pick a fight).

    I guess I just thought the Clay fans here deserve a little credit. Most of us think both Ruben and Clay are cool.

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    Just wanted to put my own opinion of the Ruben RS article from a "hard-core Clay fan"

    I think the part about meeting the women was written in a way that seemed slightly negative. I'll give it that. But really...I don't really care 'cause I'm not a Ruben fan. I don't pay attention or care about him that much. I think he's a nice guy. It didn't make me like him less and it didn't make me like him more. Really I don't think it's such a big deal. Um..whatever? Now if that was said about Clay I'd take more notice and get defensive probably. Who knows...

    Oh, hey MrBunny!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pepper
    It promoted Ruben as the velvet teddy bear, not the velvet thuggy bear.
    *sigh* Hyperbole, much? "Thuggish" is 50 Cent - and R. Kelly, Birdman, Busta Rhymes, possibly. Ruben is...so faaaar from that. One bad hip-hop song (which I doubt he had much say in, anyway) and one ambiguously-worded RS article does not qualify him as a gangsta in da hood - ya know what I'm sayin'?

    I agree with you that Clay is definitely more adept at making the rounds and handling the media. However, even he has made mis-steps (i.e. cat, toenails, condom-hat). While they don't seem to have affected his popularity at all, the fact that he committed these faux-pas in the first place demonstrates that there is a learning process for any newly-heralded artist. Clay's eloquence helps him, but occasionally it also hurts him.

    I think there's a high chance that Ruben's star will fade within the coming year. I don't think it will be as a result of his mis-steps, however (since they're rather insignificant), but more as a result of his less-than-agressive attitude in doing the promotional work. If you don't constantly strive to stay in the public eye, ultimately you're going to end up as dead meat.

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