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Thread: Rolling Stone

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    Originally posted by Shazzer
    All right, just had to pop in and say yow, I like the b&w photo. Yum. I haven’t been in the Clay threads much since the show ended, and haven’t gushed at all, so I’ll take my minute here to say….wow..yum…mmmm….hot…good stuff….drool….gasp.
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    Wow! I'm going to definitely buy that magazine now! I love the b&w one

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    Wow - those pics are HOT! Extreme makeover without surgery! Bet those that have known him pre-AI2 did not know that underneath that geeky exterior was a STUD MUFFIN! Very, very sexy, cute guy that Clay is. Will be interesting to see how this issue sells. I hope he gets to keep the pants. I wonder how much they would go for on Ebay!

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    Please dont get me wrong I like the pictures I just want to know why Clay has to have Drop Dead Freds hair do? He is sexy in those pictures (a given) but the do is destracting. This is coming from a girl who thinks Nick Cage is HOTTTTTT!!!! so I dont need my men to be the "ideal looking" cover boy. The do just bugs me.
    Shadowgrl when you read this tell me what you think ok. Clays Angel thats a beautiful baby (with good hair)

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    The B&W is so "artsy fartsy" and I love the pose and the composition of the picture. To someone who thinks Clay is cute - wow that's .....very sexy. The other picture is so RS - great article, great pictures!

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    Originally posted by ruvin
    Clays Angel thats a beautiful baby (with good hair)
    Thanks. Can't take the credit though. He's my nephew.

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    Clay is an attractive guy and has lots of charisma, but the Rolling Stone pics deliberately exaggerate his feminine side. I'm more attracted to Clay's boyish persona, which has been too prettified in the RS pics, in my humble opinon.
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    I really like the pictures. I don't see a feminine quality. I see a boyish quality. He really looks very young in some of his pictures.

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    I think that <i>People Magazine</i> pic of him is better. The one where he is sitting on the floor.

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    I agree that Clay looks too feminine in this picture. I never thought that hip sticking out worked very well with him >__<

    The black outfit for RS didn't suit his style very much, did it? I was kinda disappointed at this pic. I prefer his goofy look, like on the show!

    I liked the second pic though [the greyscale one]. Now that looked more like our Clay! [or at least the one we know on AI]

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