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Thread: The FORT AI Song Book

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    those are hilarious! My favorite is Not Supposed to Love Clay Anymore.

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    To Judge Somebody :

    There's a lie
    A certain kind of lie
    That broadway i'll always be

    I want my singing to be
    To be judged fairly
    To be judged fairly

    There's no way
    Simon always says
    A good recording artist i'll ever be
    but what does it mean
    if my sales are #1
    if my sales are #1

    simon you don't know what u're saying
    oh no, you don't know what you're saying

    to judge somebody
    please judge fairly
    unlike how you judge me

    to judge somebody
    to judge somebody
    please judge fairly, please judge fairly
    unlike how you judge me

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    These songs are scary, scary, I tell ya! LOL

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    Haha! These a great! Very creative!

    LOVE: Not Supposed to Love Clay Anymore, Sugar Pie Clayziebunch, I Could Not Ask For Clay, and the most hilarious, Build Me Up Clay!

    catnip, you need to mail the "Build Me Up Clay" and some of the others to him, they're great!

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    Oh. aifan!! good one! LOL, oh I forgot to mention, if it is okay with you guys, I would like post some of the songs at www.claytrain.com under Fan stuff. PM me if you don't wanna your to be posted. Thanks so much.

    TB lol, I think I will try to do that, tho I doubt he will see it in like 2 years

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    These are absolutely great! Here's another:

    At That Moment
    (written before final results show)
    -- by Simon Cowell --

    What did you think
    I would say at that moment
    when you stood there before me
    with fear in your eyes?
    I told ya, you're just too Broadway for me.

    How else can I hurt you --
    so many ways to do so --
    and you know
    I love to hurt you, woooaaah.

    What do you think
    I would give at this moment --
    if you'd lose, I'd subtract
    a million votes from your line.

    Oh, fall down on your knees,
    kiss the ground that I walk on, Claybee --
    I know how to hurt you again.

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    O MY !! I am laughing so hard I am crying. Thank you catnip and john for putting up this thread. and all the creative writers.

    these are all great, loving BMUBC, the restraining order part kills me

    yes, join us in the chat room for jojos 9@9, some of us, like me, listen online at http://www.kiisfm.com/streaming.html. it's even more hysterical when we all sing along w/ clay on TITN but our online streams are in different places. (still wondering why San Fran stream is slower than TX or East coast)

    vote here for clay to be on the JoJo 9@9, http://www.jojoontheradio.com/

    debut your fort song tonite !

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    these are hilarious! i couldnt go to the chatroom last night, and im still working on "I know how the groupies feel" i have the chorus, just working on the versus.. you guys are so talented
    Clay Aiken "when everyones working on it change isnt impossible, its inevetible"

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    At That Moment is hilarious

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    Ok, here's one for the Ruben Fans. I hope you like it!

    Roob's New World
    I can sing you a song,
    Beautifully, soulfully, splendid,
    tell me viewer, when did you last
    not like the 205?

    He can open your eyes,
    show you teddybear’s wonder
    over, sideways or under,
    Up to Ruben to decide,

    Roob’s whole new world
    The Superstar that sounds so sweet,
    Ruben smiles ear to ear, he gets a cheer
    Ruben the best ever

    Roob’s whole new world
    205 shirts for all to see
    Since I bought his CD,
    I’m gonna need,
    Ruben in a whole new world with me

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