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Thread: Tori Thompson - Group 2

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    Tori Thompson - Group 2

    From the official site :

    Santa Maria, CA

    What are your hobbies?
    Singing, singing, singing! Dancing, piano, playing with friends, hanging with my big sister, basketball

    Favorite Food:
    Pizza, chocolate

    Favorite Snack Food:

    Favorite Subject in School:

    Favorite Type of Music:
    All music

    Favorite Singer:
    Stacie Orrico, Dixie Chicks

    Favorite Song to Sing:
    "Don't Look at Me" and "Let'er Rip"

    Favorite Book:
    "Mouse and the Motorcycle," "Girls' Life" magazine

    Do you have a pet?
    Yes, a cockatiel named Jewel; hamster named Cutie; 2 cats, Thunder & Star; and a lamb named Ariel

    What do you want to be when you grow up?
    A star! Singer, actress, dancer with my own line of clothing

    What was your costume last Halloween?
    Sandy from "Grease"

    Favorite Holiday:
    Christmas, Thanksgiving

    One place you have never been before that you would like to visit:
    My nana and popo's new house in Iowa, and Hawaii

    Do you belong to any clubs or organizations?

    Where was the first place you performed?
    When I was 4 years old, I sang "Happy Birthday Jesus" for my pre-school Christmas play, all by myself!
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    I know this is a trivial comment, but I wonder why they part her hair like that? When it's down it looks like a very "grown-up" do and seems to cover up much of her face.

    It will be interesting to see which sister sings "better" and if they will be split up this early. For some reason I feel like if they are not split up now then it may be an all or nothing situation. That is America would vote one sister in right after the other, or neither will get in.

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    I think that Tori and Taylor were both really good and I don't see the viewers feeling the need to vote one in just because the other one is in...I think they should both go far and I hope if one makes it and the other doesn't that the one who doesn't make it can handle it, because she will still have it going on all around her for her sister...hmmm...good luck to them both!

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    It will totally be interesting to see how this whole sister thing plays out... last week the dance teacher said out of the whole group, Tori stood out. I think they're both among the most talented people there... I hope they both do well.

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    ^^^ That picture of Tori is adorable!!

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    I think having a mother who's a dance instructor clearly helps them in their dancing and stage presence. This girl is adorable and I think she stands a good chance of moving on...

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    Yeah really, she's so cute!! She and Taylor really look alike, i think, Tori is definately more adorable though!! I can't wait to see both of them perform!!

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    Very adorable as well...cuter than her sis.

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    I think it's just the two years between them that gives Tori the more "cutsie" little girl look. I think they're both very pretty and adorable!

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    i think theyre both cute. and i think theyll both make it....taylor sings better imo and tori is cuter in a kid way, taylor is prettier. i think the group will wind up with both of em! if you think about it, it can only be a good thing!

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