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Thread: What will be the 5 elements of the group? (Spoilers)

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    Hey everyone!
    I really think it will be 3 girls and 2 boys. Probably Canyon/ or AJ competing for one spot and another boy competing for another spot. I would really prefer if it was a girl group but that's alright..not that I HATE co-ed groups. I love them..but I like girl groups better. hehe.

    Anyways, I think Katelyns a lock..and the other spots are up for grabs. I hope Danielle makes it. It's hard to have one favorite that I want to make the group.

    Considering I like the girls better though I am voting for the girls. I thought the girls did much better than the boys last Tuesday.

    I'm not a fan of Morgan. He's a show-off. Good singer, but he should do his own thing. I really didn't like him in the group song at all. He sang too loudly, like he wanted to over-shadow the others. Kind of like Beyonce in Destiny's Child.


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    I don't really prefer bands, I prefer solo singers, with the exception of Linkin Park...bah, if ya'll saw my CD collection, ya;ll wouldn't believe me....

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    I think Morgan will get it for personality....AJ or Canyon for looks....and Kristinia should of got it for good singer, but she didn't make it...so I guess it will be either, one of the thompsons, chantel or lucy and danielle. Danelle is a lock since Justin and the other judges loved her. America will vote for her just becuase the judges like her....sometimes america doesn't have an opinion of their own.

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    ^^^ I hate that but agree it's totally true...she really wasn't that amazing...but because Justin and Gladys said she was, that gets implanted into people's heads...grrrr...

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    rarrrrr! stupid little smily!!!

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    ummmm, ok, so i put a post that had my smily wrong and then put that last one after it....but the first one deleted , so now that post makes no sense. lol

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    The boy vs girl count is going to be an interesting factor.

    Out of all the contestands, the only boy I think proved that he really belongs is A.J.. I was really hoping for stronger performances from Brennan and Canyon, but since that didn't happen, that really makes it one-sided.

    I'm still not sold on Morgan and despite Chauncey having the most votes, I'm not convinced he belongs in the final group.

    But they need to and will have more than one boy or one group in the final, they wouldn't have 4 girls and just one boy or vice versa.

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    the one boy and four girls might work. AJ is the best so far. i'll start saying JMO since some people are sensitive to that...

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    thompson sisters

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    I think the little hawaiian girl was great. she is so cute and could carry the band with her voice. i saw some thread on wild cards...she should defintely be one of them.

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