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Thread: Singles and Love Songs Reviews

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    I have only heard Clay's TITN on the radio and agree his AI performance was better. My station hasn't played BOTW yet.

    Ruben's CD shows his talent much better than his AI performances. I do wish they would have given him an original song and put Kiss and Say Good-bye on the CD, but that's just my opinion. His sales would have been much better, since FWOW isn't a fan fave and Superstar was already on the Love Songs CD. No matter, I love his voice enough to listen to both sides of his CD throughout each day.

    Everything on the Love Songs CD is pretty good, although I usually skip Carmen and only listen to Kim C because the song itself is one of my favorites.

    Kelly's CD is very good, and the more I listen to Justin's, the more I like it. Why do I think I'll like Tamyra's more than either of those? Guess she'll have to wait until after Ruben and Clay drop theirs now. Looking forward to more AI CDs and enjoying those I have in the meantime, including the first season's compilation.
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    Tracylee, good idea for a thread. The readers might also enjoy the comments of reviewers on Amazon.com. The number of reviews for Clay's single is over 1500 right now and I am not sure the number for Rueben's. Anyone can write a guest review - I did and 2 out of 3 people found my review helpful -not especially spectacular numbers, but still kind of fun to get feedback. For the record, I gave Clay's single 4 out of 5 stars. I am a huge Clay fan but I was disappointed in production of BOTW; I thought TITN was actually a little better than his AI performances.

    I read in the Clay thread that he was not particularly happy with the single but happy with the upcoming CD. Does anyone know the source of this comment?

    BTW, Ruben's FWW seemed better produced and I enjoyed it better than his AI performance.

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