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Thread: The Nelson Twins from Chicago

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    I like the freedom of speech idea. After all the it is one of the founding principles of our great country. I'm glad to know that I have the freedom to disagree with you and post my thoughts as well. I think there WILL be a wildcard show, and I also think the twins from Chicago (this is the twins thread, correct?) should be apart of that show. Thanks for providing the forum that allows all of us to say what we think and feel and hope.

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    Of course, let's not confuse free speech, which is a protection provided by the government for specific application, with I and the mods allowing members to join and post on this privately owned and operated site.

    But to the extent that people follow the rules and post intelligently and maturely, yes, we allow them their opinions, even if they differ from mine.

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    Sounds good to me.

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    Kathy Morris
    Hey-What happened to the twins from Chicago-we saw them get selected but now they're gone- too bad- we were looking forward to seeing such talented kids from the midwest. In fact only about 2 hours from us. Maybe they'll get another opportunity! I hope so! We were looking forward to following their progress.

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    twins chicago

    Very interesting dialogue. I think I remember the blonde "mirror" twins from Chicago. It was weird not to see them in the final selection show. Does anyone know why? They obviously were good enough to make the first cut. From what I saw, the little that was, it seemed they had the talent to make the finals. Too bad they didn't show more of them in that episode.

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    I agree the twins were talented, but I disagree that they didn't have a lot of air time. I thought they showed a lot of the blonde twins from Chicago on that first "tryout" show. Remember the flips? In fact, I think they were being featured more than the other kids. They seemed to be the best from that area, and then they just disappeared after that. If they didn't do well in Hollywood, why didn't they show that? It was very weird... I would love to know what happened.

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    I think the twins made it into the last cut of 30 at the LA auditions. That's probably why you are seeing them with the finalists every now and then on the show. The reason I feel they could be wildcards is that I think at least some of the kids that were in the last 30 that didn't make it into the final 20, for whatever reason, will come back as wildcards. I don't think a wildcard show will consist of only the kids that were in the final 20, that didn't make it into the top 10.

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    Fire Blossom
    I just read the threads on the twins who auditioned in Chicago, Samantha and Sasha Nelson. These girls also left a huge impression on my family, and friends of my kids when we watched the show together. We all felt sure they would progress to the finals because they had fabulous voices and seemed so amazingly marketable. They became our #1 pick to be in the band at this point. It was such a shock to us that they did not make it. We had to rewind our video-tape to make sure we had heard right. After the show, my daughter and I realized that we had seen one of these twins in a professional musical in downtown Chicago. We stayed after and got one of their autographs at the stage door. My daugther even had her picture taken with these girls. Perhaps they did not progress in this competition because they were already professional singers and actresses?

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    Personally, I don't think the twins were good at all......

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    I thought the twins were fantastic! The Nelson twins, right? We just watched the tape of the second episode where they tried out in Chicago. My family can't believe they didn't make it to the top 20. We were so impressed with them because they both had amazing voices and could dance. Often with twins, one may have more talent or a different kind of talent than the other. But these girls seeemed equally strong! We thought for sure they'd make the band or at least the top 20!

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