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Thread: The Answers

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    I didn't take the II or III into consideration at all. Either the person had "Osbourne Smith" plus a "II" or "III" and got it right (because that is how it was captioned on the show), or they had a nickname, which was marked wrong.

    For example, you put "Osbourne Smith III" and got credit for the question.
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    If people follow the old tradition when Blank Smith Sr. dies, Jr. or II drops the title and becomes just Blank Smith and Blank Smith III becomes Blank Smith II. I wonder if that's what is causing the confusion. Now people often ignore the rule. For instance, my dad is a Jr. and hasn't dropped it since his father died.

    ETA: If I'd been a boy, I would have been a III. I've always been glad I escaped that fate.
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    I had Osbourne Earl Smith II...Is that right? I also had that Janay question wrong....Ah COngratulations once again to the winners
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